WATCH: Golden Retriever Saved After Mexico Earthquake

A crowd of onlookers went wild after an absolutely adorable golden retriever was saved from the rubble of an earthquake that shook near Mexico City on Tuesday.

Dozens of people cheered on rescuers and tried to touch the miracle dog as it was pulled to safety. Although it is unknown whether the animal suffered any injuries or not, he appeared to “smile” and looked to be in good health.

A magnitude 7.1. earthquake shook the central part of Mexico, near Mexico City on Tuesday, leaving thousands desperately fleeing the streets in a panic. At least 230 people were dead at the time of publishing Wednesday evening, with the fear of many more to come.

“Dozens of buildings tumbled into mounds of rubble or were severely damaged in densely populated parts of Mexico City and nearby states,” The Boston Globe reported. “Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera said buildings fell at 44 places in the capital alone.”

“The US Geological Survey predicts up to 1,000 fatalities in total and an economic impact of $1 to $10 billion as a result of the earthquake,” Forbes reported. “The earthquake occurred southwest of Puebla and southeast of Mexico City at a depth of 51 kilometers.”

The last time that an earthquake of that magnitude hit the area was in 1985, killing thousands. In an eerie twist,that earthquake happened on the same date of September 19 of that year:

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“On this day in 1985, a powerful earthquake strikes Mexico City and leaves 10,000 people dead, 30,000 injured and thousands more homeless,” reported.

The golden retriever being saved is going viral and brought at least some temporary joy to a country that is in shambles over the devastating earthquake.

“Just saw a video of a golden retriever being rescued from the rubble in Mexico City and oh my heart ?,” @l_yndsey tweeted:

“…Watched the video of the golden retriever getting saved in Mexico. Crying at work. Not emotionally stable enough for dog videos,” @nameissarahjane stated.