Anna Chambers: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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A Brooklyn teenager has taken to Twitter to accuse two NYPD officers of raping her in a Chipotle parking lot. Anna Chambers, 19, says that narcotics cops Richard Hall and Eddie Martins assaulted her while she was in handcuffs in Coney Island. One is accused of rape while both are accused of forcing Chambers to perform oral sex. Chambers had been taken into custody for smoking weed on September 15. The cops were plainclothes and were driving an unmarked Dodge van when the arrest took place. The New York Times reported on October 27 that the two cops had been indicted. Both officers are expected to turn themselves in for arraignment.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Cops Say the Sex Was Consensual

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Facebook/Anna ChambersProtests showing support for Anna Chambers have broken out in Coney Island.

The NYPD officers maintain that the sex between the three was consensual. The pair were detectives in the NYPD’s Brooklyn South narcotics squad. In 2008, the New York Times reported on corruption inside of that unit. They have both been suspended without pay, prior to an indictment being laid down, they had been on modified desk duty. Martins’ lawyer, Mark Dederow, told the media:

The dynamic will change when there are court proceedings. The allegations repeatedly and publicly alleged by the plaintiff’s lawyer will need to be supported by credible evidence and withstand scrutiny.

The Coney Island News reported that protesters have taken to the streets throughout October to show support for Chambers. Activists yelled, “No more police state, no more rape!”

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While Chambers’ lawyer, Michael David, told the New York Post, “She was shocked that they would say it was consensual after everything that was done to her. She wanted to get the word out. She just wants everybody to know it’s an absolute lie that this was consensual. She was raped. She was viciously, brutally raped in handcuffs. It’s the truth. She’s embarrassed. She’s very depressed over this. Her whole life had changed after this experience. She’s afraid of the police, and she really wants justice to be served here.”

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The New York Times reported that Chambers was taken to the Maimonides Medical Center in Borough Park, Brooklyn, after the incident. . After a rape kit was completed, the cops’ DNA was found. Chambers made a police report and told a friend about the incident. Michael David told the Post that when Chambers was approached by the officers, they made the two men who were with her to leave. After searching her car, and finding Prozac and Klonopin, Chambers was placed in custody. This occurred at the Calvert Vaux Park in Coney Island.

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David says the cops told Chambers, “You’ll spend three hours in the precinct. This is what you’re going to do for us, and we’ll let you go.” David added, “There was zero consent. The cops were over 6 feet tall. She’s very petite, like 5-2 and maybe 100 pounds. There’s nothing she could do.” One of Chambers’ friends told the Post that when he saw Chambers later that night, “Her hair was a mess, and she ran up to me and gave me a hug, and she like, ‘They f***ed me. They f***ed me.'”

2. Chambers Is Suing New York City for $50 Million; While the Officers Are Trying to Discredit Her

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It is alleged that the officers in question have been trying to discredit Chambers to prosecutors. A letter to prosecutors indicated that Chambers has filed a $50 million claim against the city. The letter also made reference to Chambers’ provocative pictures on Facebook and Instagram. Her lawyer, Michael David, told DNA Info, “Nobody really cares about the money. Our first concern is that these cops be taken off the force and put in jail so they’ll never be able to do this again.”

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On September 18, Chambers’ tweeted, “These crooked ass cops. I swear I never want to see on again. What if someone did that to your daughter?” The New York Daily News reported in early October 2017 that Chambers revisited the scene of the incident. David said, “They just wanted to go back to basically recreate what happened. She took it very hard. She broke down. The dad was very upset, extremely upset what happened to his daughter.” David added, “She’s not a tough girl, she’s a very soft girl. They just took advantage of her.”

3. Chambers Says on Ask.Fm that She Is Single

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According to posts on Chambers’ Ask.Fm page, she is single. On her Facebook page, Chambers says she attended New Utrecht High School and lives in Brooklyn. Chambers also says that she speaks Russian on Facebook while on, Chambers says her family’s ethnicity is Russian. While Chambers uses her Twitter page to highlight her case against the NYPD.

4. Photos on Chambers’ Social Media Show Her at a Pornography Convention

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Twitter/Anna ChambersChambers pictured with porn star Megan Rain.

In November 2016, Chambers posted photos showing her at a pornography convention. Those pictures show her with pornstars Kissa and Johnny Sins. In another photo, Chambers can be seen making out with adult actress Megan Rain. Chambers was asked on Ask.Fm is she would consider doing porn to which she replied, “Lmfaoo no.:

5. NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill Said that Officers Martins & Hall Will ‘Pay the Price if Convicted’

Commissioner James O’Neill has said that officers Hall and Martins will “pay the price” if they are convicted. The officers could face a maximum of 25 years in prison. Commissioner O’Neill told the Daily News, “Not all 36,000 cops deserve to wear the shield around their neck. If these two detectives did something wrong, then they’ll pay the price.” The commissioner added, “If this case turns out that it actually happened, again, it goes to the trust we’ve been trying to build over the last three years. I’d be extremely disappointed.”