Fire Emblem Heroes Halloween Heroes Announced

New heroes were announced for Fire Emblem Heroes, this time with a Halloween theme just in time for the season.

Up first is Halloween Sakura, who trades her healing staff for a dagger that is effective against foes using magic. The only downside to her weapon is that the usual debuff daggers have only works on magic users. She also has Glacies, a special skill that boosts damage dealt by 80 percent of her resistance. This may be an indication that Halloween Sakura will have high resistance not only to take advantage of Glacies but to help her fight against magic users even better. We’ll have to wait until she’s available to confirm, however. She also gets Warding Stance, the resistance counterpart to Steady Stance which grants six resistance during combat when attacked. She also gets Guard which inflicts the opponent with Special cooldown charge -1 if the user’s HP is above 80 percent, and Dagger Valor which grants all dagger users including herself twice the SP after battle if she survives.

Next up is Jakob, who will be the first armored unit to have a bow. His bow turns all the buffs of opponents within two spaces of his target into debuffs on top of being effective against fliers. His special skill is Ignis which boosts damage dealt by 80 percent of defense. He also gets Bracing Blow which grants four extra defense and resistance if initiating combat as well as Wary Fighter which prevents follow-up attacks from both the unit and foes if the unit’s HP is above 50 percent.

Then it’s Henry’s turn, wielding a green tome instead of a red one. Not only that but he is the first armored unit to use a tome. His Spectral Time has the same effect as Halloween Jakob’s Monstrous Bow. He gets the special skill of Reprisal which grants bonus to damage dealt equal to 30 percent of damage suffered. He also gets Live for Honor which grants the player 1.5 times more normal badges from a Training Tower map if Henry survives as well as Armor March which grants him and his ally an extra move space if his ally is an armored unit.

Finally it’s Nowi, who will not only be the first flier unit to have a red tome but the first one to not be riding a horse or a wyvern. She sports a magic broom instead and uses the Grimoire tome which allows her to move to a space adjacent to an ally within two spaces if her HP is above 50 percent. She gets the special skill of Reposition which moves the adjacent ally to the opposite side of the unit as well as the regular skill of Atk/Res Bond which grants five points to attack and resistance during combat if adjacent to an ally. This means that she can move to allies and either move them out of harms way with Reposition or gain extra strength from them. She can also boost fellow fliers with Hone Fliers, which grants them six points in attack and speed if adjacent to them at the start of the turn. She also gets Live for Bounty which grants players 1.5 times the shards/crystals from a Training Tower map if she survives.

The heroes arrive on October 30 until November 27. Their arrival also comes with a new Paralogue as always. The announcement video warns that they may or may not appear again in a future summoning event.