Brenton Hager: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Facebook/Brenton Hager Brenton Hager.

Brenton Hager was identified as the Oklahoma City man accused of leading police on a wild, high-speed chase in a stolen black truck while streaming part of it on Facebook Live, along with the memorable comment, “I’m on a high speed chase bro.” He also discussed how he wanted to get some “assets” because he had just gotten out of prison.

The incident was one of a series of crimes that have been filmed on Facebook Live, although a high-speed chase was a new wrinkle. As a result, thousands of transfixed viewers watched the drama live on social media and television. The chase eventually ended with police tasing Hager, but not before three hours had unfolded. You can watch the Facebook Live broadcast below. “You don’t see me in a high-speed chase?” The suspect yelled out of the truck’s window at one point in the video, it’s not clear to whom. “I’m in a high-speed chase, bro.”

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Here’s what you need to know:

1. Friends Filled Hager’s Facebook Page With Comments During the Chase, Which Was Partly Streamed on Facebook Live

brenton hager

Brenton Hager.

Horrified friends watched the chase unfold on Facebook Live, although that video was not available on Hager’s public profile page as the chase ended (you had to be his friend to watch the broadcast live). The suspect identified himself as Brenton Hager in the video. However, it soon turned up on YouTube after the chase had ended. Here’s part of the video:

You can see a longer version of the video here:

Here’s a sampling of some of the comments from friends and also strangers who found the page and were glued to the unfolding drama. Some people wrote jokes on Hager’s Facebook page, such as, “This would make a good ford commercial” and “Ford Motor Company you may may want to use this video for advertising! LOL!” Others were less kind. Some just expressed concern. You can watch other videos of the pursuit here:

And here:

“Brenton Hager what the hell are you doing babe? OMG! I’m praying for you…be careful,” wrote one person. “Just stop and give up dude,” wrote another. “Brenton what are you doing?! You’re going to get yourself shot!” implored a friend. “Damn Brenton Hager , why man? Praying for you bro, i don’t know what’s going on in life that’s caused this, man. Prayers bro!” said another. Strangers weighed in too. “I don’t know him but I’m glad he’s OK. Watched video and was worried he was gonna get shot,” said one.

2. Hager Describes Himself as a ‘Journeyman’ & Created a Modeling Profile to Seek Stunt Work

On Facebook, Brenton Hager describes himself as “Journeyman at Brand Energy & Infrastructure Services” and says he “went to Monmouth-Roseville High School.” He’s also created a modeling profile. He wrote on that, “I rarely do any modeling or photoshoots. I just made this because someone said I ought to. I have no professional experience. I’m far from high maintenance as well lol. Im open minded and enjoy life experiences. If you like you can add me on facebook. I’m more likely to reply on there…”

Brenton Hager

Brenton Hager.

The modeling profile describes him as age 25, 6 foot 4 inches tall, 180 pounds, with a 32-inch waist, tanned skin, blue eyes, and brown hair. He said he was interested in acting, fit modeling, fitness, lifestyle, promotional modeling, and working as a spokesperson/host, as well as stunt work. He posted a series of photos, which mostly appear to be selfies, on the page. It’s not clear whether he actually received any modeling work. His Facebook cover picture is a pair of women’s red underwear with the phrase, “Let’s do it,” and his profile picture shows him in a black cap that reads “hustler.”

3. The Wild Chase Finally Ended in a Field With Hager In Custody

The chase lasted for about three hours, and it ended in a field, but the drama continued for some time as Hager allegedly wouldn’t surrender. At one point, a KOCO News reporter wrote on Twitter, “He’s got a flat tire, he appears to be on the phone, he’s surrounded, police have stop sticks out, he’s moving again.” According to News9, the situation was very dangerous from start to end. The pickup initially was towing a trailer.

“The pickup later drove down a dead end street and crashed through a gate into a field. While in this field, the pickup lost the trailer and several police officers followed through the field,” the television station reported. “The driver stopped periodically during the chase to get rid of items including a heavy toolbox and cut barbed wire away from the vehicle. He also appeared to be on the phone for most of the chase.”

The reporter, Bret Buganski, also wrote at one point, “the guy who stole the truck won’t surrender, in a field near Penn & 149th, some schools on lockdown.” He also wrote that police allegedly tased Hager, ending the chase at last. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma police engaged in the pursuit, along with other jurisdictions.

4. Hager Has a Prior Arrest History in Oklahoma & Police Say the Vehicle Was Stolen

It’s not the first time that Hager has run afoul of the police, according to mugshot databases. According to Oklahoma News 4, the vehicle was stolen, police say. The high-speed chase occurred on the afternoon of November 10, 2017. A relative alleged that drug use had changed Hager.

News9 reports that a citizen tried to stop the vehicle heist. “A citizen tried to confront the suspect while the suspect was unloading the pickup and the citizen shot one of the pickup’s tires, flattening it,” reported the television station. Hager was previously accused of crimes like felony writing a bogus check, according to Oklahoma records databases. He was also accused of bail jumping and cocaine possession in the past.

“The man reached high speeds throughout the pursuit. He also drove through fields to escape officers. Officers threw stop sticks out during one point of the chase, but the suspect drove around them,” the television station reported, adding, “Just before 1 p.m. the suspect drove into a pond and got out of the vehicle, leading police on a small foot chase. An officer tased the suspect who is now in law enforcement custody.”

5. Some People Created Memes After the Chase

Memes popped up on social media and on Hager’s own Facebook page after the police pursuit. His alleged catch phrase, “I’m on a high speed chase, bro,” sparked immediate humor fodder. However, ABC 10 News reported another detail that underscores the serious nature of the incident: “At one point, another vehicle pulled alongside the truck and a man raised a gun toward the truck,” the station alleged.

In the video, he describes just getting out of video and says he hasn’t “had no fun. I haven’t gone out one time. I just wanted to get some assets. I’m tired of restarting.” He shouts out to a friend at one friend, saying, “are you still mad at me, homie?”