Bomb Cyclone Storm Videos: Hurricane-Intensity Winds Rock East Coast

A frightening “bomb cyclone” is ripping through the East Coast, bringing blinding snow and wind gusts similar to a Category 1 hurricane. The strength of the storm can be seen above as it takes down a gas station canopy.

According to CNN, “more than 13 million people are under blizzard warnings, from Virginia all the way to Maine.”

A storm becomes a “bomb cyclone” when the barometric pressure drops by “at least 24 millibars in 24 hours,” The New York Times reported, adding that “the formation of such a storm is called bombogenesis.”

Read on for videos and further coverage of the massive storm:

A downed power line is seen igniting as strong winds rip through Boston:

In the video above, a billboard is seen hanging on by a thread as it sways through the storm.

Snow in Florida is definitely a rarity, and that’s exactly what the storm has brought the “Sunshine State.”

One man braved the snow storm while riding a bicycle:

Wind gusts could blow up to 80 mph along the East Coast, according to CNN meteorologist Dave Hennen, adding that “chunks of ocean ice could fly inland, thanks to mammoth 13- to 18-foot waves, and coastal flooding is likely.”

“So, yeah, #BombCyclone seems like a pretty good name for it,” @StephenEspinoza captioned the video below:

Savannah, Georgia residents are having a hard time driving in the weather, as it’s not a typical storm in the state:

Icy waves can be seen as the bomb cyclone hits Cape May, New Jersey. CBS News correspondent Tony Dokoupil warned that conditions could worsen:

A bookshop proudly tweets that they’re braving the storm:

“Seeing flooding here in #Boston,” @EvaPilgrim tweeted. “The harbor now in downtown. Water above the hood of our SUVs. #snowpocalypse2018 #SnowStorm #BombCyclone.”

A dog is seen enjoying every second as he takes himself sledding:

One man criticized the use of the term “bomb cyclone” used to describe the storm. “Why do meteorologists dream up names for things that freak people out?,” @nick_orbe tweeted. “‘Bomb cyclone'” doesn’t mean its gonna explode snow and ice everywhere. It just has to do with a pressure change…”

“Pier Road in Cape Porpoise impassable at high tide #floodaware #kennebunkport #WinterStormGrayson #bombcyclone @YorkCountyCoast @seacoastonline,” @DonnaButtarazzi wrote, showing a photo of the effects the storm is having:

Some are making light of the issue, joking about how some areas are used to and therefore better equipped to handle the “cyclone bomb.”

“Yeah, #BombCyclone my a**… Everyone freaking out makes me laugh,” @theonedreischal tweeted. “Stay inside, huddle with your pet, etc…People in Erie would be like “Do we need anything from Target? I’m heading out, it’s not too bad.”

The National Weather Service (NWS) warned areas along New Jersey and the Mid-Atlantic could get up to 6 inches of snow, while parts of New England may see over 12 inches. Those conditions, along with high winds have prompted a blizzard warning.

Airlines prepared for the storm in advance, cancelling more than 3,060 flights Thursday as of 9:45 p.m. Wednesday night, according to FlightAware.

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