Elizabeth Nunes, Devin Nunes’ Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Devin Nunes Wife

Getty Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA)

Devin Nunes’ wife, Elizabeth Nunes, has done a good job of keeping out of the spotlight since her husband ended up front and center in national news. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) has been at the center of controversy surrounding the FISA memo that may be released any day now. Devin was a member of President Donald Trump’s transition team and is the author of the memo that questions the motives behind alleged FISA surveillance of Trump. Who is Elizabeth and what has she been doing during all of this controversy? Here’s what you need to know about Devin’s wife, Elizabeth Nunes.

1. Devin and Elizabeth Nunes Were Married in 2003 During His First Term in Congress

Devin and Elizabeth Nunes are both Portuguese-Americans. They were married in 2003 at St. Aloysius Church by Mgsr. Richard Urizalqui. The Nunes are Catholics. Elizabeth was born in 1973.

Devin and Elizabeth were actually still dating when Devin was first elected to Congress and they were married during his first term. Elizabeth grew up in the South Valley too.

LA Times reported that about 70 percent of the church’s congregation is descended from Azorean immigrants. Many Azorean immigrants are proud of their heritage and the hard work they put into getting ahead and surviving in America. Portuguese immigrants arrived in two movements, one in the early part of the 20th century and one in the 1950s. Elmano Costa told the LA Times: “A lot of these farm families, one to two generations back were immigrants with nothing. And they built pretty expensive land holdings and wealth.”

2. Elizabeth Nunes Is an Elementary School Teacher

Unfortunately, there aren’t many photos of Elizabeth Nunes available. Devin Nunes doesn’t have any photos of her on his official Facebook or Twitter account, and one of the only photos currently on social media is this one, shared by someone who doesn’t like Devin Nunes. It appears that Elizabeth stays out of the spotlight quite a bit:

Elizabeth Nunes is an elementary school teacher. A teacher by the same name teaches physical education in Tulare, California, although it’s not confirmed that this is the same Elizabeth Nunes.

Elizabeth also runs a business out of their home breeding lapdogs, according to Salon.

3. Devin and Elizabeth Have Three Young Daughters

Devin and Elizabeth have three daughters: Evelyn Rose (born 2007), Julia Lauren, and Margaret Mary (born 2012.) They live in Tulare, California. Devin said one of the toughest things about his job was being away from his family, but “that’s what we signed up to do.” He said he doesn’t have a lot of hobbies outside his work, but loves to spend time with his daughters, who are really into Star Wars.

4. The Couple Isn’t Rich and Has a Net Worth of About $158,000

Recent records indicate that the couple owns a nearly 3,000-square-foot, three-bedroom home in Tulare valued at around $407,000. In 2014, the couple’s net worth was estimated at $83,000. In 2016, OpenSecrets estimated Devin’s net worth at $158,001. They’re definitely not one of the richer couples in D.C. and, as far as Congress is concerned, rank about 374th in wealth among 435 members of the House, as of 2015.

5. Devin & Elizabeth Nunes Come from a Humble Background

GettyHouse Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA)

Devin and Elizabeth married after Devin started his first term in Congress. Before joining politics, Devin grew up in a humble setting working on his family’s dairy farm. He raised cattle and he and his brother saved money to buy land for a farm. At first, that was all he wanted to do. He and Elizabeth came from a more humble background, and friends referred to him as being just a “normal dad.” He still has an investment in two California wineries and recently said that if he weren’t in politics, he’d be making wine and cheese.

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