Trivia Savant Ken Jennings Won Millions on Jeopardy! What About HQ Trivia?

HQ Trivia, Jeopardy!,

Getty Knuckle-cracking man of trivia, Ken Jennings.

Ken Jennings won millions of dollars on Jeopardy! This guy beat a computer in a trivia throwdown. Jennings won Jeopardy! a mind-bending and record breaking 74 times. He’s a trivia genius, a prodigy, a phenomena, a fact savant, an encyclopedia. Jennings, 43, has the longest Jeopardy winning streak and the second highest overall earnings in the history of the syndicated show that debuted in 1964. But he didnt just play Jeopardy!

HQ Trivia, Jeopardy!, Ken Jennings

Ken Jennings’ luck finally ran out. Getty

Jennings, dad of two kids, played 74 regular games, took the bronze and half a million in Jeopardy! Ultimate Tournament of Champions, $100,000 for second place in the Jeopardy! Battle of the Decades, and went up against IBM’s Watson walking away money-bags. All told, Jennings won more than $4 million playing Jeopardy!

There is no trivia game he can’t win.

Well almost no trivia game (almost only counts in horseshoes anyway).

But surely he’s won enough, right? Let’s not get greedy.

HQ Trivia is nuts. My son just played with like a half a million people. He has a 139 IQ and only made it to the fifth question. Chances of winning are slim because it’s crazy hard, but the play so simple: answer 12 questions right in the allowable time and if you do, you get a piece of the pot. Last week’s big game’s jackpot was 25 large, as in $25,000.

There’s tricks and hacks to try but really, who plays thinking they’re gonna get paid? People come for fun and stay because it’s addicting. And makes babies happy.

By the way, Jennings finally lost. Woo-hoo, Nancy!
Ken Jennings Loses on Jeopardy!Remember this guy? Yeah, it's Ken. He loses to Nancy Zerg on his 75th game, ending with over $2.5 million. Here is the vid of Final Jeopardy of that episode. COMMENTS ARE NOW CLOSED. Video courtesy of the J-Archive.2008-03-16T20:10:43.000Z