Jasmine Kohler: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Twitter/@jazzlefrazzzle Jasmine Kohler has been identified as the woman who threw water on conservative commentator Tomi Lahren in a viral video.

Jasmine Kohler, a recent University of Minnesota graduate, has been identified as the woman who dumped water on Tomi Lahren during brunch at a Minneapolis restaurant on Sunday. Her friend says she probably doesn’t regret doing it.

Kohler, 23, uploaded the footage showing her throwing a drink at Lahren during a brunch at a restaurant in Minneapolis on May 20. The video originally appeared on Snapchat. The video led to widespread condemnation from both conservatives and liberals on TV and social media. On May 23, Donald Trump tweeted, “Everybody is with Tomi Lahren, a truly outstanding and respected young woman!” Which came immediately after Lahren appeared on Fox & Friends to describe her ordeal. Lahren said that the perpetrators were merely looking for their “15 minutes of fame.” One of Kohler’s friend later told the Daily Mail that Kohler “probably didn’t regret” throwing the glass.

Kohler was dining with nine of her friends at the Union restaurant in Minneapolis. Kohler is a native of St. Paul and a graduate of the University of Minnesota.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Tomi Lahren Is Not Pressing Charges Against Kohler

Tomi Lahren, nor her mother, Trudy, will be pressing charges against Kohler. TMZ reports that law enforcement sources in Minneapolis do not believe the water throwing is enough to warrant an investgation. That’s unless Lahren fills out a report. TMZ quotes sources close to Lahren who say that report won’t be forthcoming.

Prior to throwing the drink at Lahren, Kohler posted to Snapchat saying that she would “dump a drink on [Lahren],” if her post was screenshotted five times. Kohler then wrote, “Thanks for the screenshots. I did it lol.” Speaking to the Blast, witness Devan Madison said that his friend had been serving the Lahren family and they had been “extremely rude.” Madison said he entire restaurant cheered after Kohler threw the water. Bouncer Jeremy Jackson also told the Blast that Lahren protested about being asked to leave the restaurant after the water was thrown. Jackson said that just before the water was thrown, Lahren noted that Kohler and her friends were “scowling” at the Fox News commentator. Lahren then said, “Just another day in the life.” That’s when the water was thrown.

2. Kohler Posted a Photo to Instagram in 2017 With a Group Saying They Were Her ‘Favorite People to Get Kicked Out of Brunch With’

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Instagram/Jasmine Kohler

Since the video spread online, Kohler has deleted her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. In a cached version of her Twitter page, Kohler writes that she likes “Taco Bel, Bloody Mary’s and Babies.” In a photo posted in 2017, Kohler said that her group of friends were her “favorite people to get kicked out of brunch with.” After the Lahren incident, Kohler and her friends were kicked out of the restaurant, according to bouncer Jeremy Jackson.


Kohler formerly worked at C.G Hooks Eatery in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, and a Buckle clothing store. Kohler wrote in an Instagram post in January 2018 that she had graduated from the University of Minnesota after four years of “chems calcs biochem physiology microbiology hematology transfusion clinical chemistry and body fluids blah blah blah etc AND 480 hours of clinicals.” Posts on her Twitter page indicate that Kohler is an avid fan of the Minnesota Vikings.

3. It Was Kohler’s Friend Libby Parker Who Launched the Tirade Against Lahren

Libby paRKER FAcebook page

Facebook/Libby Parker

The woman who got into the verbal dispute with Lahren wasn’t Kohler, it was her friend, Libby Parker. That’s what Parker told the Daily Mail. Parker says she told the Daily Mail that Lahren was a “racist piece of s***” and a “f****** piece of human garbage trash.” Afterward, Lahren’s mother, Trudy, got involved in a dispute with Parker. Parker told Trudy Lahren, “You’re done. You can go.”

According to her Facebook page, Libby Parker volunteers for the Advocates for Human Rights. Parker says on her page that she is a fluent Spanish speaker.

Jasmine Kohler Instagram page

Instagram/Jasmine Kohler

In her Daily Mail interview, Libby Parker says that Kohler shares the same political views. Libby Parker said, “[Jasmine] absolutely shares my feelings and she was also upset that Tomi was in our city. It’s Minneapolis, it’s a very traditional, democratic city. So she knew, we all knew. She shares feelings about how she is racist and says awful things about people.” Parker went on to say that she agreed with Kohler throwing the drink. Parker said, “When you use your platform to spread hate speech, you have lost your privilege to have a peaceful discourse.” The aspiring immigration lawyer continued, “Especially when you come into our city, Minneapolis, which is a huge city for people of color and immigrants. She is not welcome here. Have you heard anything she says? She equated the Black Lives Matters movement to the KKK.”

4. Kohler Has Been on the Wrongside of the Law

Jasmine Kohler Tomi Lahren

Online records show that twice in the past has Kohler been on the wrongside of the law. In April 2013, Kohler was accused of alcohol possession when she was 18 years old. That charge filed in Florida. Records show that the charges were “Dropped” or “abondoned.” Two years earlier, in September 2011, Kohler was accused of speeding and failing to obey a traffic sign in Ramsey, Minnesota.

5. Lahren Said that She Was ‘Praying’ for Kohler

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GettyTomi Lahren in July 2017.

In a tweet that followed Donald Trump’s endorsement, Lahren wrote on Twitter, “I’m tough and I can handle it. My hope is that we as a country don’t have to resort to this nonsense over political differences.” In the aftermath of the incident, Lahren tweeted, “The majority of the modern Left is comprised of the most unloving and intolerant people I’ve ever had the displeasure of encountering. I’m praying for you. You need it.”