Kevin Holroyd: 5 Facts You Need to Know

Mugshot Kevin Holroyd

Kevin Holroyd, who posted anti-Muslim screeds and shooting videos on Facebook, was identified as the active shooter who fired multiple rounds at law enforcement officers during a tense and lengthy standoff at an apartment building in Panama City, Florida. Holroyd is now dead.

Kevin Robert Holroyd was 49-years-old. He was also a suspect in a homicide in a nearby county at the time that he held authorities at bay, firing multiple rounds from an elevated position at law enforcement officers, some of whom were pinned down by the gunfire. Some citizens captured video of the intense scene, which you can watch later in this article. Be aware that the language is graphic.

Holroyd shared gun shooting videos on Facebook, shared posts that criticized gun marchers after the Parkland school shooting and that criticized protesters of the NRA, and weighed in on Donald Trump (sharing a meme that said he might be guilty of treason but also a post that said he was right because “ALERT: Muslims Take Over Major City.”) He also shared posts about Steven Seagal and the National Anthem controversy. He shared this graphic:

He shared a video called “Phoenix Resident Turns His Guns Over to Police Following Vegas Shooting, Encourages Others to do the Same” and wrote, “Many thanks to this brave man. We don’t need people like him owning guns.” Some posts he shared criticized Black Lives Matter and Muslims who supposedly attacked a white man. He also shared a story about a police shooting in Minneapolis that was titled, “Somali Muslim Cop Kills Pretty Yoga Teacher In Cold Blood…” He shared a lot of posts from conservative websites that reference “thugs.” His posts often referenced veterans and sometimes cops, although not in a negative way toward them. One shooting video he shared showed AR-15s being fired.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Sheriff Described the Situation as ‘Every Law Enforcement Officer’s Worst Nightmare’

kevin holroyd

Kevin Holroyd

Bay County Sheriff Tommy Ford said in a news conference that authorities faced a nightmare scenario at the Panama City apartment, but, thankfully, no further people were wounded.

“We are very blessed today. This was every law enforcement officer’s worst nightmare today. We were facing gunfire from an elevated target. Multiple rounds fired toward officers,” Ford said.

As officers approached the apartment after investigating a homicide, “multiple shots were fired from a rifle from the second floor of the apartment,” said Ford, adding that rounds came from both the back and front of the apartment.

“There were many rounds that were fired at officers,” he said, adding that some officers were “pinned down” behind their vehicles while “taking numerous rounds from the subject.” Other units arrived, including an armored vehicle, which was used to rescue the officers. The SWAT teams were then used. A massive law enforcement response ensued.

“Those vehicles save the day in this kind of situation,” said Ford of the armored vehicles. There was a volley of gunfire, and then there was no further contact with the suspect.

Authorities said an “elevated shooter with a rifle” was the “toughest situation you can face.” They referred to the responding law enforcement officers as “absolute heroes.”

2. The Homicide Victim Was Identified as Clinton Street, Who Was Engaged to Holroyd’s Ex Wife

clinton street

Clinton Street

Friends posted tributes to Clinton Street, the homicide victim. “Rest in peace, Clinton, God needed a fishing buddy,” wrote one woman. “Clinton Street was engaged to marry Holroyd’s ex-wife,” reported WKRG-TV. Holroyd was married to Sirirat Pongprasert in 2009, according to their Florida marriage license. Her birthplace was listed as Thailand. She was born in 1985, and he was born in 1968, so Holroyd was substantially older.

“She conquered her demons and wore her scars like wings” 💛🧡💛🧡💛” she wrote in a post on Facebook about relationships.

Holroyd posted photos of children on Facebook. One woman wrote on his wall, “Your kids are growing up! They are so cute…. and always looking like their having fun!”

Clinton street

Clinton Street

Authorities developed a suspect quickly after the homicide was discovered: Kevin Robert Holroyd. According to the Walton County Sheriff, “Victim in shooting death on White Heron Drive is identified as Clinton Street, 30. Situation in Bay County is still active. Incidents are confirmed as related.” Authorities have not yet released a motive nor confirmed how Holroyd knew Street.

Walton County authorities said of the homicide: “We got a 911 call and it looked, you know a little bit like a burglary in progress but, it turned out that it’s domestic related. So, we think the parties knew each other.” Clinton Street was shot multiple times.

On his Facebook page, Clinton Street said he was in “Sales, Management, Operations at Destiny Beach Properties” and “Studied Business marketing at UAB – The University of Alabama at Birmingham” as well as “Studied Psychology at UAB.”

Sheriff Ford said the entire situation unfolded around 9 a.m. on May 22, 2018. Shortly before 9 a.m., “authorities responded to a homicide and developed a suspect,” he said. They started working with Panama City police and local sheriff’s officials and found Holroyd’s vehicle. That’s when the standoff erupted.

The homicide occurred in Walton County, Florida.

3. Holroyd ‘Boobytrapped’ the Apartment, Authorities Say & He Posted on Facebook About Globalists, Muslims & the National Anthem

Under the post about Trump being right about Muslims supposedly taking over an American city, and after someone mentioned that they worry more about Muslims than Cubans, Holroyd wrote, “Yea I agree. It’s because most people just don’t want to be bothered doing anything about it. If some starts I’ll jump in and help the cause to stop this.” When someone commented “unbelievable,” seemingly in reference to the supposed Muslim city takeover, he then wrote, “Yea just like Miami and the Cubans.”

Holroyd shared a rambling statement on Facebook in 2017. “I read this today on another FB POST and thought it was a good point. It speaks to the issue of disrespectful kneeling during the national anthem…borrowed…Please re-post!” he posted.

“There’s a bigger picture most people aren’t understanding about this whole kneeling thing. The goal of the globalists is the dismantling of our American heritage, and thereby the destruction of our identity as a nation. Removing historical statues is the beginning. Removing the flag and the anthem is next. Ultimately the goal is to remove the constitution. If we keep giving in and continue to accept the dismantling of our culture and the removal of our heritage, then we become what the globalists want… A 3rd world country prime for socialist/communist control. This tactic isn’t new. It has been their game plan for a long time. There are many writings explaining this movement. We are seeing it unfold before our eyes. It’s deeper than what you see on the surface. No matter how tired you are of listening to the back and forth about the flag and our anthem, you mustn’t grow weary. Don’t allow yourself to get to the point where you say ‘Just stop playing the anthem at sporting events’ so we can get back to football. NOT FIGHTING THEM UPFRONT is why we’re here in the first place.”

In March, he posted a graphic that read “Since Parkland, 118 teens have died from DWI. Wake me up when you organize a march.” The status under the shared graphic, which he shared but didn’t write said, “Liberals would NEVER rally against booze and drugs. But the NRA is public enemy #1.” He shared a video called “TROLL MASTER: A Man Demonstrates How AR_15 Shoots 70,000 Rounds a Minute!” by AR-15 Gun Owners of America and wrote “This is a great educational video must watch.”

Holroyd also shared a post on Facebook from a page called The New Resistance about Muslim men supposedly spitting on a white man in an elevator. That post reads, “When three men cornered a ‘white boy’ in an elevator, they likely figured that he would be an easy target, simply because of the fact that he was outnumbered. However, after purportedly deciding to spit on the man, they were smacked with a brutal dose of karma. The thugs ultimately realized what a big mistake they had made by attacking the lone white man, but by that time, it was already far too late.”

Holroyd also shared a graphic that read, “SHARE if you think taking care of our homeless veterans Is more important than a military parade for Donald Trump, a five-time draft dodger who is under investigation for treason.”

He also shared a post headlined, “Steven Seagal Crushes National Anthem Kneelers and Democrats With One Brutal Rant.” Holroyd wrote in the comment thread, “I seen a couple of Steven Seagal’s movies. He is so right he did risk his life and those movies for the American flag. Did he even serve in the military?”

He posted many photos with children, including on trampolines.

A smell of gas soon emanated from the apartment where Holroyd was shooting from. “He had boobytrapped the residence with a large amount of gasoline in the apartment he was attempting to light a fire,” said Ford. “The apartment was barricaded.”

The sheriff added that a female citizen was in stable condition after being hit by gunfire while exiting her apartment. Others were trapped in their apartments during the situation.

Eventually, the armored vehicles penetrated the front window of the residence, and robots were placed in the residence to locate the subject, and Holroyd was found deceased inside the residence. Authorities have not yet revealed whether they believe Holroyd died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

4. Videos Emerged That Captured the Gunfire & Standoff

Videos captured the tense scene. You can watch one below. Be aware that the language is graphic.

Here’s another video:

According to Bay District Schools, “Law enforcement officers are on site at St. Andrew School and Lucille Moore Elementary. Both schools are on lockdown as a precaution at this time while law enforcement deals with a disturbance in a nearby neighborhood. All students are safe and there is no cause for alarm.”

5. Kevin Holroyd Was Recently Evicted & Had a Criminal History

Florida court records show that Kevin Holroyd was recently evicted from Briarwood Apartments. The December 2017 filing was still pending. He also had minor traffic cases in Bay County, Florida. He holed up in the apartment that he was being evicted from.

“Holroyd has a criminal record including disorderly conduct and a felony record with the department of corrections,” reported WKRG-TV.

He doesn’t come up in the Walton County court records database.



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