WATCH: Anti-ICE Protesters Shut Down 5th Avenue In Front of Trump Tower

A group of protesters angered by the policy of separating families at the US-Mexico border temporarily shut down New York’s 5th Avenue this afternoon. You can watch their protest, streaming live, here.

Another video clip of the protest is available here.

Cars came to a halt and traffic was interrupted on one of the busiest thoroughfares in Manhattan, as protesters, holding signs and chanting “You take the children, We’ll Take The Streets,” stood side by side in the middle of the avenue.

Police arrived on the scene quickly and ordered the demonstrators to get out of the streets; using their bullhorns, police warned the protesters that they would be arrested and charged with a misdemeanor if they didn’t get out of the street and back onto the sidewalk.

Instead of dispersing, the protesters began chanting “Return the children that you kidnapped.”

Police began making arrests, warning that anyone who resisted arrest could be charged with further crimes too.

A less dramatic protest also took place right in front of Trump Tower today. You can watch it here.

Anti-ICE demonstrations were organized today because July 26 is the deadline given for the federal government to re-unite families that were separated at the US-Mexico border.