Brian Egg Found Headless and Handless in San Francisco Home

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Brian Egg was reported missing over two months ago, but he was only found on August 27, in a fish tank in his San Francisco home.

Egg’s body has since been identified and confirmed, and police are intend to release suspect names shortly.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Egg Was a Local Bartender at ‘The Stud’ in San Francisco in the 80s

Mark Matthews of NBC reported that prior to his death, Egg was a bar tender at The Stud in San Francisco in the 80s. The Stud is a historic, cash-only gay bar that showcases events like karaoke and drag shows. More recently, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that Egg had been having trouble finding more steady work.

It has not yet issued a statement on the death of Egg.

2. Egg Reportedly Let Homeless People Stay at His Home, & Persons of Interest in the Case Were Living at the House After He Died

GRUESOME DISCOVERY: A headless corpse discovered in a fish tank inside a San Francisco homeA headless corpse discovered in a fish tank inside a San Francisco home2018-08-28T19:39:26.000Z

Matthews reports that neighbors said Egg would let homeless people stay in his San Francisco home, and that the people who police say are of interest in the case were living in his home after his death.

According to Newsweek, Egg’s neighbors in the city’s South of Market area after they hadn’t seen him for several weeks. When police went to check on Egg, a man who was living in Egg’s home reportedly said he had gone on vacation.

3. One of Egg’s Neighbors Called the Police Again After Seeing a Private Cleanup Crew Enter Egg’s Home

The Independent reports that a neighbor called the police earlier in August when he saw a private crime-scene clean up crew show up at Egg’s house. This time, police searched the house, at which point they found the corpse that would later prove to be Egg.

“It’s horrifying,” Egg’s neighbor, Scott Free, said to The San Francisco Chronicle. “A dead body was in the house this entire time.”

4. Egg’s Body Was in ‘an Advanced State of Decomposition’ at the Time of Discovery

Headless body reportedly found in fish tank after San Francisco homeowner reported missingA new report details a gruesome discovery inside the home of a missing man in San Francisco. Keep checking back for the latest breaking news in your area and beyond. If something happens that impacts where you live or improves life where you live, ABC7 will be there to share that story. And we…2018-08-28T18:20:02.000Z

By the time police found Egg’s body, it was reportedly in such a state of decomposition that they weren’t immediately able to identify the sex of the body.

5. Egg’s Neighbor, Scott Free, Described Egg as ‘Eccentric’

Free explained to The San Francisco Chronicle that he had known Egg for several years, and had even rented a unit in Egg’s building for a while twenty years ago.

Free described Egg as living by “humble means,” saying, “He had no job and lived on the margins. He was eccentric. A vacation seemed very implausible.”

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