Ivanka Trump Receiving Backlash for Tweet About Jacksonville Shooting

Ivanka Trump

Getty Ivanka Trump is receiving backlash on Twitter after posting a tweet regarding Sunday's mass shooting in Jacksonville.

Ivanka Trump is receiving substantial backlash after posting a tweet regarding Sunday’s mass shooting in Jacksonville, Florida that left three dead, including the gunman, and 11 injured.

“As we await further details, our hearts are with Jacksonville and all those affected by today’s tragic mass shooting,” the first daughter and White House adviser posted.

The gunman, identified as David Katz, opened fire in a crowded gaming bar inside a Chicago Pizza during a Madden tournament Sunday afternoon. Chicago Pizza was hosting a satellite tournament for a nationwide EA Sports-sanctioned Madden NFL 19 competition that will culminate in a Las Vegas event with $125,000 on the line.

A witness told the Los Angeles Times that the shooter, identified as David Katz, had played in the tournament earlier and lost. Another competitor in the tournament told the newspaper that Katz came back to the event with a gun and “targeted a few people” before fatally shooting himself.

david katz

YouTubeDavid Katz (left).

After Trump posted her tweet following the shooting, she was almost immediately bombarded with angry tweets, as users assailed her father’s pro-NRA stance. Many commented on President Trump’s lack of gun reform policies, and his decision to not follow-through on his promises to strengthen background checks, restrict gun access to guns to the mentally ill, and raise the age for buying some firearms to 21.

“I must have missed your father’s plan to do more about gun violence than arm teachers and than take millions from the NRA, but thanks for continuing to think of victims,” Dr. M wrote.

“After #Parkland you & your father had an opportunity to affect real change in gun reform. Instead you chose the NRA,” another user tweeted.

President Trump has yet to release a statement on the shooting, although Florida Governor Rick Scott’s office said the governor, who earlier had tweeted he was spending the day with his grandchildren, was leaving Naples for Jacksonville and had spoken to the president about the shooting.

The statement said Scott would be briefed by law enforcement and would offer any state resources that are necessary to help victims of the shooting. Trump, the statement said, offered “any federal resources needed.”

Trump has yet to tweet about the shooting, but has tweeted about his approval ratings, a trade agreement “in the works” with Mexico, and several endorsements for Republican politicians running for office, including Scott.

Several angry users accused President Trump of not commenting on the shooting in Jacksonville because the gunman was white. They continued to lash out at both Ivanka and her father in the comments of her tweet.

“And we all know that because he’s white this is as far as your thoughts will go!”

“Well, well, what’s daddy going to say since it was a White Dude?” user LynnZ wrote, followed by an image depicting several Caucasian criminals. “Probably nothing profound.”

“Your father is in bed with @NRA, he has removed barriers to mentally ill people getting weapons, and unless the perpetrator is a person of color, he will not give a damn,” activist blogger John Pavlovitz posted.