Don McGahn Is the Man Sitting Behind Brett Kavanaugh on Day 2

Don McGahn behind Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh Hearing Don McGahn at Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing.

The Internet is still talking about Zina Bash, who sat behind Brett Kavanaugh during the first day of his confirmation hearing yesterday and now has been placed directly behind him so she’s tougher to see. But on Day 2 of the confirmation hearing, people are turning their attention to Don McGahn, who is dressed in colors that perfectly match Kavanaugh and is sitting behind him in plain sight for the second day of the hearing. Don McGahn is the White House Counsel, but he’s leaving his position very soon.

People Are Saying You Can Read the Room By Reading McGahn’s Expressions

People have been paying a lot of attention to McGahn today, now that Bash is more hidden from view.

Some people noted that McGahn appeared to be picking his ear during the testimony at one point.

But others have been focusing more on McGahn’s expressions during Kavanaugh’s testimony as a way to read the room and determine how things are going.

Some people say that McGahn is a “comforting presence” in the room.

McGahn May Be Leaving His Position as White House Counsel After Kavanaugh’s Confirmation

The New York Times had reported that McGahn was a key witness in the Russia investigation and has given more than 30 hours of testimony in three interviews over the last ninth months. Shortly after the news was announced, President Donald Trump tweeted that McGahn would be leaving his position as White House counsel very soon. According to The New York Times, McGahn did not know that announcement was coming and it was a surprise to him. It’s not that McGahn didn’t want to leave, the Times clarified. He had discussed an intention to leave at some point in the future. But he didn’t know the tweet from Trump was going to happen. Trump later praised McGahn and said he wasn’t at all concerned about his testimony. “Don is an excellent guy,” Trump said.

Trump said in his tweet that McGahn would leave after Kavanaugh is confirmed to the Supreme Court. Trump later tweeted that McGahn’s departure was not chaotic:

Things haven’t always been perfect between the two. Trump was not happy that McGahn had not been able to stop Sessions from recusing himself from the Russian investigation.



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