‘Here’s the Deal’ With Joe Biden: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 07: Vice President Joe Biden speaks onstage at the GILT and Ashley Biden celebration of the launch of exclusive Livelihood Collection at Spring Place on February 7, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for GILT)

Joe Biden is launching a new Instagram series aimed at getting young Americans to talk about some of the most pressing political issues of our day. The series — which he put together in partnership with ATTN: — is called “Here’s the Deal,” and the first episode is out on Wednesday, September 12.

The former vice president says he wants to talk about politics without using buzzwords or “confusing acronyms,” so that he can start a genuine dialogue with American voters.

Here’s what you need to know about Joe Biden’s new show:

1. ‘Here’s the Deal’ Will Run Ten Weekly Episodes, & the First Episode Comes Out on September 12

ATTN: and Biden are launching the first episode of “Here’s the Deal” on Wednesday, September 12. You can watch a preview — in which Joe Biden explains what he hopes to achieve with the show — here.

The episodes will air every week. They’ll appear first on IGTV, and then they’ll be distributed on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube across ATTN: and Biden’s accounts.

ATTN: has not specified what time the first episode will be available, so keep checking back here for the answer — this story will be updated as more information becomes available.

2. Biden Says the Biggest Issues Facing America Are Healthcare, Education, Infrastructure, and Gun Violence

In the preview for his upcoming IGTV series, Biden promises to talk about the real issues facing Americans today — without fluff or misinformation. And he sets out a few of the major issues which he’s planning to talk about.

“What do I mean by the real issues?” Biden asks. “I’m talking about healthcare, the ability to educate your children, the roads you drive on, safety from gun violence: everything that shapes our lives as Americans.” Biden’s list of issues steers clear of any mention of immigration, terrorism, or foreign policy. The show will run for at least ten episodes, so it’s not clear yet whether those issues will be included in any of the upcoming episodes.

ATTN: also hasn’t said how long each episode will be, although in general, IGTV episodes are short, each lasting around ten minutes.

Biden promises to steer clear of “policy wonk” language and “confusing acronyms” and stick to “just facts — as least as I see them.”

3. Biden Was Off Instagram for Years But Recently Returned, Getting Lots of Attention and a Shout-Out From Obama

The 75 year old Joe Biden ran a popular Instagram account back when he was the vice president. His photos, his jokes, and his aviator glasses got Biden a lot of love from his followers. But after leaving public office, Biden went silent on Instagram.

Then suddenly, on September 7, Biden posted a few pictures of himself and his wife meeting wounded veterans. His fans reacted instantly, and the former vice president quickly racked up a million followers.

Barack Obama welcomed Biden back to Instagram with open arms. The former president — who’s been actively stumping for Democrats and calling out Donald Trump recently — took to Instagram and posted a selfie of himself with Joe Biden. Obama wrote, “My brother and friend @JoeBiden is back on Instagram. Welcome back, Joe—you’ll always be one of the rare exceptions to my no-selfies rule.”

4. There’s Been Lots of Speculation About Whether Biden Is Planning a Run for the White House in 2020

People have been speculating for years about whether Joe Biden is thinking of running for president. His working class, Pennsylvania roots could give Biden a real boost when it comes to attracting swing-state voters. But it’s not clear whether the Scranton native is actually considering the possibility.

Back in 2016, Biden was also toying with the idea of running for president. But he put those plans on ice when his son, Beau, passed away. Now, Biden doesn’t want to say one way or another what his plans are. Is he getting back on Instagram because he wants to test the waters and evaluate his chances for 2020? Is he angling for a platform to spread his political messages?

Biden says that the reason he’s launching “Here’s the Deal” is to encourage voters to participate in the midterm elections, which are right around the corner in November. It remains to be seen whether there is another, more personal reason for Biden to put himself in the spotlight again.

5. Biden Has a Lot of Name Recognition, But Some Wonder Whether He’ll Be Too Old to Run in 2020

Let’s be clear: Joe Biden seems to be in great shape for a 75 year old man. He was even recently filmed running on his way to the Labor Day parade in Pittsburgh. He’s very far being from a doddering old man. But still, Biden will be closing in on 80 years old when the 2020 election rolls around. And that might leave some voters wondering: is he too old for the job of president?

But Biden also has much greater name recognition than most of the other Democrats who might be running in 2020. Senators Elizabeth Warren, Corey Booker, and Kamala Harris are relatively unknown outside of their districts. But Joe Biden is well-known, both as a former vice president, and as the long-time senator from Delaware who famously rode Amtrak to work. He’s also known for being from Scranton, Pennsylvania, a plus when it comes to attracting working class, swing state voters.

At this stage, it’s too early to know what will happen with Biden’s political future. He has promised to declare himself, one way or another, by January of 2019. Meanwhile, watching his new show might be one way to get a window into what the man himself is thinking.