Hurricane Florence Storm Surge: All the Photos & Videos You Have to See

hurricane florence storm surges

National Weather Service Though Hurricane Florence was downgraded to a category 2 hurricane, it's still caused storm surges up to 10 feet in some areas, with the worst of the flooding still expected to come.

Hurricane Florence has only just begun to wreak havoc along the Carolina coastlines, but already people are capturing absolutely shocking footage of the storm surges from the category 2 hurricane.

In certain parts of the North Carolina and South Carolina coastline (particularly the Wilmington, NC and Myrtle Beach, SC area), storm surges are predicted to be higher than ten feet. As The Weather Channel noted, storm surges of nine feet or higher could be catastrophic, powerful enough to move cars and cover the first floor of buildings.

According to the National Weather Service, storm surges occur when hurricane winds blow along the surface of the ocean and cause water to build up as the storm gets closer to the shoreline. The low pressure in the eye of storm then causes water to bulge further upward.

The NWS explains that waves then move on top of that surge and “cause even more damage by acting as battering rams to flooded structures… Water weighs about 1700 pounds per cubic yard, so it can easily demolish buildings. Surge undermines roads and foundations when it erodes material out from underneath them. It can also send salt water into the fresh drinking supply and drives potentially dangerous creatures inland to higher ground.”

With gusts upward of 110 MPH already battering the Carolina coastline, storm surges have already started to destroy homes and overflow onto roads. Combined with the predicted rainfall, it’s possible that flooding damages will pose as the greatest risk during Hurricane Florence’s reign.

Here are the craziest photos and videos of the storm surge from Hurricane Florence so far:

Videos & Photos of Hurricane Florence Storm Surges

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