Kawhi’s Laugh: Best Memes & Twitter Reactions

Kawhi Leonard

Screenshot of Interview Kawhi Leonard's laugh is taking Twitter by storm following an interview for the Toronto Raptors' media day on Monday. Check out the best memes and reactions here.

Kawhi Leonard’s laugh is getting a lot of attention on Twitter following an interview for the Toronto Raptors’ media day on Monday, during which Leonard cracked a couple of jokes and had a few sarcastic remarks for the crowd.

Leonard, who isn’t known for his funny lightheartedness, was asked what he’d like people to know about himself and vaguely answered the question before cracking a joke.

Not only was this one of the rare times Leonard laughed during an interview, but fans were also taken aback by his laugh in general. Twitter immediately lit up with memes and reactions to the interview.

The memes were great:

But the reactions were better. One user wrote: “I’ll pay someone $20 if they can spell the sound Kawhi makes when he laughs.”

Another claimed they had been “this why Kawhi don’t ever laugh, he obviously broke his laugh box a long time ago.”

“Kawhi tried to laugh and almost sprained his jaw. He aint laughed for real for real since 2009,” user Wee-Yum wrote.

Another user wrote: “After hearing Kawhi Leonard laugh I would rather him go back to being quiet.”

Several people mentioned how scary they thought his laugh was. Barstool Sports wrote: “Kawhi Leonard’s laugh is something out of a goddamn nightmare,” and another user claimed that Leonard laughed “like a serial killer.”

Another user wrote: “Dude. Kawhi’s laugh is scary. Like how when a robot tries to mimick laughing for the first time.”

Somebody took the time to play his laugh in slow motion, another person spliced it into a video with the Philadelphia Flyers mascot and a third person put his laugh on a loop.

The 2014 NBA Finals MVP was the No. 15 pick in the 2011 NBA Draft and has made two All-Star games. He was has also been named All-NBA First Team twice.

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