Lesha Murphy-Johnson & Her Baby Adam: A Tribute to the Hurricane Florence Victims

Lesha Murphy-Johnson and her baby boy, Adam, are among the victims whose lives were taken during Hurricane Florence.

Murphy-Johnson was in a house with her eight-month-old baby, Adam, as well as the baby’s father when a tree fell onto their Wilmington home. CNN reports that firefighters tried to lift the tree to save Murphy-Johnson and her baby but soon realized there was nothing to be done and instead knelt in a circle of prayer for the woman and her child.

Murphy-Johnson and her son were the first known casualties of the hurricane.

According to CNN, Murphy-Johnson and her son were declared dead on the scene, but Murphy-Johnson’s boyfriend sustained non-life-threatening injuries and was taken to a hospital.

Murphy-Johnson and her son’s death represent two of five casualties reported from the hurricane so far. Another woman died of cardiac arrest after emergency responders found their pathway blocked by trees, one man was electrocuted and another man died when he went outside to check on his dogs.




Fraw Pontificates on God's Day

Lesha was called back by God. She was too fat. I mean look at her. She didn’t skip any meals. I mean that’s a lesson fer y’all. Leave some fer the rest of us. LOL, damn Gorilla.


Hopefully, the dad will be able to join in on the looting soon. I’ll say a prayer.

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