See the Map of Columbia Country Club, Christine Ford’s Home & Kavanaugh’s Home

During Christine Ford’s testimony, a map was shared that shows the homes of the people included in Ford’s testimony, and where their homes are located in relation to the Columbia Country Club. The map was shared with the media during the testimony also. The map shows Ford’s, Kavanaugh’s, Ingham’s, Smyth’s and Judge’s childhood homes in relation to the Columbia Country Club.  Ford said that the home where she was assaulted wasn’t too far from the country club.

Here are some photos of the map from different angles:

Mitchell asked Ford about the map during her testimony, which shows Blasey’s home was between 6.2 and 8.2 miles from the Columbia Country Club. Ford said she would confirm the homes she knows from the map, and confirmed that her own home was in the right location.

Ford testified today that she used to swim and dive at the Columbia Country Club in Maryland, and sometimes saw friends, including Mark Judge, there. She also said that she initially met Brett Kavanaugh at that country club.

In her original letter, Ford said the assault happened “in a suburban Maryland area home at a gathering that included me and four others” “not far” from the Columbia Country Club.

During the testimony, some Senators mentioned they didn’t have copies of the map, although the media were given copies.

Mitchell asked if it would be fair to say that someone drove her either to the party or back, and Ford said yes because she was 15 at the time. But no one has reminded Ford that they were the person who drove her, and she doesn’t remember who it was.




Dr. Ford probably went from the club directly to the party, because she said
She was wearing a one piece bathing suit under her clothing. Who took her
From club to party house? Why didn’t she get out of bathing suit at the club
Or at the house? Did she decide to protect herself prior to arrival at the house
By leaving the suit on underneath her clothes? She did say that it saved her
From a more serious assault.


I think they were at the home of Squi ( or Squee ) . That is the home mentioned in the Ed Whalen twitter fiasco . It is the home of Chris Barrett. Chris Barrett who is the guy she ” went out with ” as Blasey-Ford stated in testimony. Chris Barrett is Squee or Squi. That seemed odd that the questioning at the hearing danced around that guy’s name. I