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The Right Rev. Mariann Edgar Budde is playing a key role in John McCain’s funeral today. She is leading the Anthems in Procession, the Concluding Prayer, the Commendation, and the Blessing. Here is what you need to know about Budde.

1. She Was Elected Washington’s First Female Diocesan Bishop

September 30, 2017: Sermon by The Right Rev. Mariann Edgar BuddeThe Right Rev. Mariann Edgar Budde's sermon on September 30, 2017 during The Episcopal Diocese of Washington Ordination to the Diaconate.2017-09-30T20:28:58Z

Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde is the diocesan bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington.  In 2011, she was consecrated as the ninth Bishop of Washington in the Washington National Cathedral. She was elected as Washington’s first female diocesan bishop.

Before this, she served 18 years as rector of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Minneapolis.

She got her undergraduate degree at the University of Rochester, and her Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry from the Virginia Theological Seminary. She also wrote  Gathering up the Fragments: Preaching as Spiritual Practice.

One of her more recent sermons at the Washington National Cathedral was on Christmas Eve 2017.

December 24, 2017: Sermon by The Right Rev. Mariann Edgar BuddeSERVICE LEAFLET: Join us for one of the most beautiful services of the year, the Solemn Holy Eucharist of Christmas Eve. Readings from Holy Scripture, favorite congregational hymns, and seasonal choral and instrumental music all herald the birth of the Holy Child. This service includes Holy Communion. Passes are required for this service.2018-01-05T18:27:28Z

In an article for the Episcopale Diocese of Washington, she spoke about the question of whether the world really needs more Christian leaders.

She wrote: “The sad truth is that being a religious people in no way assures that we will be good people, kind, caring, generous, loving people, although that’s what every one of our faith traditions–and speaking as a Christian, certainly what I know Jesus wants those who feel called to follow him–to be. We are all far more complicit in the evils and  hypocrisies we decry than we are comfortable admitting. There’s a gap between the aspirations of our faith and how most of live; for some, the gap is so wide as to create havoc and cruelty around them, all in the name of a loving God. Yes, it’s enough to make people of conscience and goodwill want to walk away or to stay away from religion entirely. Or to go deeper. To walk with even greater intention and commitment to personal and societal transformation that every spiritual tradition known to humankind calls us to.”

2. She’s Happily Married to Paul Budde & Loves Outdoor Adventures

Mariann and Paul Budde

FacebookMariann and Paul Budde

According to her Facebook page, she’s happily married to Paul Budde. Her Facebook also reveals that she loves outdoor adventures. She recently shared a post about how much fun she had in New Foundland thanks to Pedal and Sea Adventures.

She told The Washington Post that her perfect day in D.C. would involve spending the day on her bicycle. She likes to bike through Rock Creek Park, the Capital Crescent Trail, and bike to work when she can.

She’s also spoken proudly about her mother on social media:

3. She Speaks Out on Political Issues, Such as Supporting Immigrants Separated from Their Families

Budde isn’t afraid to speak out on certain political issues. She shared a reading list from former President Barack Obama on Facebook and has also spoken out about immigrants who are separated from their families at the border.

She also spoke out about gun violence on Twitter:

4. She Has Spoken Highly of John McCain Since He Passed

Budde has spoken with praise about John McCain since he passed. She tweeted about how McCain forgave his captors and spoke well of his enemies.

She retweeted the tweet below from Jake Tapper, when he mentioned that the two people McCain requested speak at his funeral (Obama and Bush) had both defeated him in presidential runs.

5. She Believes It’s OK To Be Controversial for What Is Right

Budde encourages others to be controversial if it’s in the name of standing up for what is right, as you can see in the tweet above and below.

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