WATCH: Sen. Mazie Hirono Asks Men to ‘Shut Up, Step Up & Do the Right Thing’

Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) called for “men of this country to shut up and step up for once” on Tuesday during press a conference with Senate Democrats.

Democrat lawmakers were protesting the manner and setting of the Senate Judiciary Hearing slated for Monday for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and his accuser Dr Christine Blasey Ford to question each about Ford’s allegations that Kavanaugh tried to rape her in 1983 while the two were in high school.

Democrats said it “makes a difference” that there be women on the panel and Blasey Ford not face an all-male panel during the public hearing. But Hirono said the entire setup is unfair to Blasey Ford.

“You can see I’m a little upset by this, you know the unfairness …”

Hirono accused Republicans of railroading and fast tracking nominations but in this case, she alleges the process the Senate Judiciary has planned for this public hearing is “unfair” to Blasey Ford.

In the Poltico podcast ‘Off Message,’ Hirono said she doubted Kavanaugh’s testimony during hearings on the alleged sexual misconduct of a jurist he worked for and she thinks he’s being untruthful now in his denial of Blasey’ Ford’s accusation that while in high school in 1983, when she was 15 and he was 17, he held her down on a bed, groped her body, covered her mouth when she tried to scream and then tried to rip her clothes off.

Nirono says there should be a full FBI investigation before Kavanaugh and Blasey Ford testify.

“Seventeen is not exactly a baby, either. These are serious allegations. She has a very credible story. I believe her. And now we have to do more than say, ‘Well, look at the timing!’ and ‘Well, it’s all politically motivated!’” Hirono said to Politico. “This has to be taken seriously.”

But Hirono is as concerned about whats he calls “court packing” and the shoving through of conservative justices by a “willing” president.

Meanwhile, around 4 p.m. Tuesday, the originally scheduled vote to confirm Kavanaugh has been officially canceled.

The press conference was to announce and discuss the request by the 10 Senate Democrats on the Judiciary Committee to BI director Chris Wray and White House counsel Don McGahn to reopen Kavanaugh’s background investigation.

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claude zeringue

Mazie Hirono should speak to the members of the Duke Men’s Lacrosse team: They would tell her to Shut up, step down, and stop being an idiot.


If you’re upset, you need to talk to your Democratic partner Dianne Feinstein ; and ask her why she kept quiet until now !
So my advice to you is to sit down and shut up,because this was completely unfair to the nominee to the Supreme Court.
But !
you and your comrades, don’t know how to play fair , to step up and do the right thing for America.
Now eat your shit pie , that you and your Communist Party have so craftedly baked.
Your sniveling is pathetic !