WATCH: Trump Struggles to Pronounce ‘Anonymous’ at Rally

Donald Trump

Screenshot of Video Trump struggled to pronounce the word "anonymous" at a Montana rally.

President Donald Trump slid the word “excoriated” into his Montana rally speech twice with no issues, but struggled to pronounce the word “anonymous” when talking about an unnamed senior official in his administration who published an op-ed for the New York Times.

The president was in the process of once again explaining how his electoral victory and presidential accomplishments were driving his Democratic opponents and critics in the media crazy, when he turned the subject to the anonymous op-ed writer. The unnamed source claimed officials in the Trump administration were undermining the president’s agenda in order to protect the country from his “worst instincts.”

Donald Trump Compares Himself To LincolnPresident Donald Trump declared on September 6 that the "fake news" media "excoriated" former President Abraham Lincoln for his Gettysburg Address. Trump then goes on to compare himself to the former president, saying that Lincoln's speech only became respected 50 years after he was assassinated in 1865.2018-09-07T12:22:25.000Z

However, while the president was attempting to slam the anonymous author, he appeared to struggle with the actual word “anonymous.” Trump let out what sounded like “analymous,” before correcting himself to something more like “inomynous.”

“The latest act of resistance is the op-ed published in the failing New York Times by an [insert attempt to say anonymous], really an [insert second attempt], gutless coward,” he said. Check out the video below.

“Nobody knows who the hell he is, or she, although they put he, but probably that’s a little disguised. That means it’s she,” he said, speculating that the author is a “she” rather than a “he.” He also suggested that Times reporters should investigate the author of the op-ed.

As expected, the internet didn’t fail to pick up on the stumble and immediately immortalized the moment on social media. Some poked fun at his inability to say the word, while others pointed out the irony of Trump’s slurring on stage when he often comments on Hillary Clinton’s “failing” health.

“It seems sexist that Trump and the media focused endlessly on Clinton’s health but there is very little discussion of Trump’s repeated instances of slurring and inability to pronounce a common word like anonymous. These things are concerning,” Walter Shaub wrote.

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