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13 Best Cloth Diapers: Compare, Buy & Save (2019)

best cloth diapers

For parents who want to decrease the cost and the environmental impact of diapering, cloth diapers are a great choice. This list includes multiple different styles of diapers. Most parents choose a combination of many styles for different stages of growth or situations. Cloth diapers also make great baby shower gifts for new parents – they can never have too many! Every baby and every diaper brand is unique, so it benefits parents to have a variety of diapers so that they can experience how different brands fit their baby’s unique shape.

The list below is organized roughly by type of diaper, with my personal favorite in the #1 spot. I have added the kind of diaper in each heading to let you know at a glance what kind of diaper system you are looking at. Some diapers are sold individually, while others come in packs of six for a bulk price discount.

What Are the Best Cloth Diapers Available Right Now?

bumgenius cloth diaper Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Fits babies from 7-35 lbs
  • Comes with two inserts
  • Very high quality
Price: $23.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
alvababy cloth diaper Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Inexpensive
  • One size fits all
  • Comes with two inserts
Price: $29.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
thirsties cloth diaper Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Wipe clean and reuse
  • Less bulky
  • Made in USA
Price: $14.50 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
fuzzibuns cloth diapers Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Soft, absorbant fleece lining
  • Adjustable 10 to 40 lbs
  • Smaller crotch width
Price: $18.95 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
osocozy organic cotton cloth diapers flats Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Inexpensive
  • Organic cotton
  • Multipurpose and reusable
Price: $33.98 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
OsoCozy Prefolds Unbleached Cloth Diapers, Size 1, 6 Count , best prefold cloth diapers, best baby diapers reusable, toddler diaper Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Easier than flats
  • Inexpensive
  • Unbleached Indian muslin cotton
Price: $14.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
babyfrend cloth diaper microfiber inserts Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Very cost effective
  • Super absorbant
  • Compatible with most diaper brands
Price: $9.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
happyendings organic cotton hemp cloth diaper inserts Amazon Customer Reviews
  • All natural and organic materials
  • Hemp is naturally anti microbial
  • Extra absorbant
Price: $32.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
gdiapers hybrid cloth diaper Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Less bulky than pocket diapers
  • DIsposable/compostable or cloth inserts
  • Fastens in back
Price: $19.27 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
charlie banana cloth diapers Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Reusable or disposable inserts
  • One size fits all
  • Inner layer is super soft fleece
Price: $74.95 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
best bottom cloth diaper Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Less bulky than most pocket diapers
  • Snap-in insert
  • Wipe clean and reuse shell
Price: $18.95 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
iuhan cloth diaper Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Grows with your baby
  • Very inexpensive
  • Cute patterns
Price: $5.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
disana organic merino wool cloth diaper cover Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Organic merino wool
  • Breathable and cozy
  • Double layered knit
Price: $29.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. BumGenius 5.0: Pocket Diaper (Sold Individually)

    • Gentle leg elastic wont hurt baby’s skin
    • Expands to fit babies from 7-35 lbs
    • Each diaper comes with two inserts
    • Very durable construction made of high quality materials
    • May lose waterproofing after several years of use
    • Some reviewers mentioned this style is bulky at the waist
    • One of the most expensive diapering systems
    • The branded tags that stick out on the outside of the diaper can be irritating

    BumGenius is one of the highest quality brands when it comes to pocket diapers. These diapers are both well made and comfortable for baby, and when you compare them side by side with cheaper diapers it is obvious that BumGenius are made of more durable materials and better construction.

    BumGenius diapers are made of a stretchable fabric, giving a more custom fit than other pocket diapers. Their standard size diaper can fit babies from newborn age up to 35 lbs. Each diaper comes with two inserts – one for newborn, one for older babies. The construction is extremely durable, with strong seams, a non-pilling inner liner and strong snaps that are not easily pulled loose by older babies and toddlers. You can choose from over 30 colors and designs. BumGenius also has a line called Elemental that has the same great design but with an organic cotton lining. 

    If you are looking for a high quality pocket diaper to last through your baby’s infancy, toddlerhood and even future babies, it is worth the money to invest in BumGenius.

  2. 2. Alva Baby: Pocket Diaper (Sold as Six Pack)

    • One size fits all, these diapers grow with your baby
    • Waterproof cover is breathable
    • Each diaper comes with two inserts
    • Less expensive than other pocket diapers
    • Inserts are not a natural material (microfiber) so should not be placed against baby’s skin directly
    • Sometimes looks bulky on a newborn
    • You cannot customize your six pack with your preferred colors/patterns

    Alva Baby pocket diapers are extremely easy to use, making them a great choice for first timers. This set comes with six individual pocket diapers and also includes two absorbent inserts each so that you do not have to buy them separately.

    The outside cover is waterproof and breathable, making it comfy for baby. The double row of snaps on the front of the diaper make it possible for them to fit any sized baby, from newborn to toddler. A few sets of these will be enough to last through your entire diapering time with your baby, and when buying in bulk like this you only spend about half as much as you would buying individual pocket diapers from pricier brands.

    Alva Baby diapers are a good choice for parents who want pocket diapers but do not want to spend a fortune on them, or as a baby shower gift.

  3. 3. Thirsties Duo Wrap: Diaper Cover (Sold Individually)

    • Easy to wipe clean and reuse
    • Thin material is not bulky under clothing
    • Made in the USA
    • More comfortable for baby than big bulky pocket diapers
    • Not as convenient as all-in-one diapers
    • Leg gussets may absorb some liquid
    • May lose some waterproofing after years of use
    • More prone to stains than some other diapers

    The Thirsties Duo Wrap diaper cover is a simple, thin layer that goes over a flat diaper, pre-fold, or liner. These covers are adjustable and the smaller size can fit babies anywhere from 6-18 lbs. They also come in a larger size to fit toddlers from 18-40 lbs. Thirsties are made from 100% polyester with a urethane coating, and have soft fabric over the leg gussets to prevent chaffing and red marks. They are super convenient because you can just wipe them clean and switch out the cloth diaper at diaper changes (if it is just wet). This also means you do not have to buy very many to have a lasting supply in between washes. Thirsties Duo Wraps also come in a hook and loop closure version for even quicker and easier diaper changes (especially helpful for older, mobile babies). I used Thirsties exclusively for first six months and liked them a lot because they are not as bulky as pocket diapers can be, especially on a newborn.

    If you want quick, easy diaper changes and a less expensive solution than pocket diapers, Thirsties are the way to go.overs here.

  4. 4. FuzziBunz: Pocket Diaper (Sold Individually)

    • Adjustable from newborn to toddler
    • Soft and absorbant fleece lining made of fleece
    • Smaller crotch width is more comfortable for baby
    • More expensive than many other options
    • Liner is not made of natural materials
    • Looks bulky on small babies

    FuzziBunz pocket diapers fit the needs of parents who are uncomfortable with the polyester or other plastic-based fabrics that often line pocket diapers.

    FuzziBunz are one of the most popular and well reviewed options for pocket diapers. these pocket diapers are one size fits all, lasting from 10lbs all the way up to 40lbs. They are a bit too large for most newborns but will fit your growing baby through toddlerhood. These diapers have a fleece lining that is soft on baby’s skin. The crotch width is smaller than most cloth diapers as well, which makes FuzziBunz more comfortable than other, bulkier cloth diapers. FuzziBunz also have an adjustable leg elastic on the inside of the diaper for an even more custom fit.

  5. 5. OsoCozy: Flat Diapers (Sold as Twelve Pack)

    • Very inexpensive
    • Made with organic cotton
    • Multipurpose – can be reused after baby is out of diapers
    • Easy to learn how to use
    • There is a learning curve to folding flats
    • Prone to leaks if not used correctly
    • Bamboo diapers are slightly softer than 100% cotton
    • You must buy covers separately.

    These flat diapers by OsoCozy are as simple and basic as it gets. They are the same diapers that your mother or grandmother used, and have stood the test of time.

    These flats are one layer thick and measure 27″ x 30.5″. Flat diapers can seem complicated to a new parent who has not used them before, but with a few Youtube tutorials you will be a flat diaper folding expert in no time. You can use these organic cloth diapers on their own with a waterproof cover, or simply fold them into a small rectangle and use as an insert for a pocket diaper. The best thing about these simple diapers is that they can be used as burp cloths as well as reused as rags, dish towels, etc. once baby has grown out of them. You can use traditional diaper pins with these diapers, or Snappi diaper fasteners.

    Flat diapers are simple, easy to learn how to use and fully customizable to your baby’s growing shape and size.


  6. 6. OsoCozy: Prefolds (Sold as Six Pack)

    • Unbleached, so they do not show stains as much as white diapers
    • Made of soft Indian cotton in an absorbent twill weave
    • Comes in two sizes for different sized babies
    • Does not come with covers
    • Muse be pre-treated
    • Made of non-organic cotton

    These cotton prefold diapers from OsoCozy are made of 100% unbleached Indian cotton in a twill weave. These are the best selling prefolds on the internet, and customers rave about how great they are in their reviews.

    These prefolds come in two different sizes. Size one fits babies from 7-15 lbs, and size two fits 15-30 lbs. The unbleached color of these diapers does not show stains as much as normal white diapers do. They will need to be washed three to five times in extra hot water before use in order to achieve maximum absorbency. You can use traditional diaper pins with these prefolds, or Snappi diaper fasteners. If, like me, you purchase the smaller size and your baby grows out of them within weeks, these can also be used folded in half or in thirds and used as a diaper insert.

    Prefold diapers are an excellent compromise for anyone wanting to use classic cloth diapers, but without having to learn to fold them from scratch.

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    Watch a review of Osocozy prefold diapers here.


  7. 7. Babyfriend: Microfiber Diaper Inserts (Sold as Twelve Pack)

    • Very inexpensive
    • Extra absorbent
    • Compatible with most pocket diapers
    • Bright white material shows stains more than unbleached fabrics
    • Should not be used directly against baby’s skin
    • Not made of natural materials

    Microfiber is by far the most popular choice for pocket diaper inserts because it is is extremely absorbent and wicks moisture away from your baby’s skin to keep them feeling drier longer, much like a disposable diaper.

    Microfiber is made of a polyester blend. This material is recommended only to be used within the pocket of a pocket diaper, so that it is not directly against your baby’s skin, because they are so absorbent that they can actually dry baby’s skin out over time. Microfiber inserts are an excellent choice for heavy wetters, or overnight use when you will be changing diapers less frequently. These inserts from Babyfriend come in a pack of 12. It is recommended to have at least three inserts on hand for each pocket diaper in use.

    Microfiber inserts are the most absorbent diaper inserts out there, and these three-layer inserts offer superior protection against leaks when used with any pocket diaper or shell.

  8. 8. Happy Endings: Hemp Diaper Inserts (Sold as Six Pack)

    • Hemp is an extremely durable and strong material
    • These diaper liners are very soft and become softer with time and washes
    • Only natural materials touch your baby’s skin
    • Does not come with diaper covers, must be purchased separately
    • Cannot be used with wool diaper covers
    • More expensive than cotton or microfiber inserts

    Hemp is one of the best materials to use for your cloth diaper inserts. It is 100% natural and non-irritating to baby’s skin, as well as being super absorbent and naturally anti-microbial.

    These inserts from Happy Endings are constructed of four layers of soft and absorbent hemp material and soft organic cotton. Even though hemp is one of the strongest and most durable fabric materials available, it is also incredibly soft and only gets softer with age. This means that instead of wearing out and becoming dull and weak over many washes, these inserts will become softer and more absorbent.

    Hemp inserts are a natural, eco friendly and baby friendly choice for diaper inserts because they are soft, super absorbent, sustainable and naturally anti microbial.

  9. 9. g Diapers: Hybrid Diaper (Sold Individually)

    • Does not look as bulky on baby as regular cloth diapers
    • Does not contribute nearly as much garbage to landfills as regular disposable diapers
    • Only cotton material touches baby’s skin
    • Easy to put on with hook and loop closure on the back instead of the front/li>
    • Does not come with inserts, cloth and disposable both must be purchase separately
    • More prone to leaks when used with cloth diapers
    • Hook and loop closure starts looking shabby after many washes
    • The velcro may dig into baby’s thighs if they have extra chubby legs (This was my personal experience)

    g Diapers are one of the most popular brands for hybrid diapers. They provide an alternative to wasteful disposables without having to rely fully on cloth diapers, which can be inconvenient and bulky.

    g Diapers have a 100% cotton outer layer (also available in organic cotton) and a nylon liner that snaps on and off for washing. You can insert a disposable g Diaper insert, or you can use a reusable cloth insert as well. If you use disposable inserts, they can be flushed right down the toilet and you still contribute far less waste to landfills than typical diapers. If you use cloth inserts, you will find that g Diapers have a much slimmer profile than regular pocket diapers so they do not look nearly as bulky underneath baby’s clothes. My favorite thing about g Diapers is that the leg inserts and waistband that touch my baby’s skin directly are made of cotton, not polyester like most diaper covers.

    If you are undecided on cloth diapers, give g Diapers a try. They are a great compromise that combine the convenience of disposables with the comfort and environmental friendliness of cloth diapers.

  10. 10. Charlie Banana: Hybrid Pocket Diaper (Sold as Six Pack)

    • One size fits all, reviewers noted that this is very true with this brand
    • Inner layer is made out of a softer fleece than other brands
    • 1% of proceeds are donated to Operation Smile
    • More leak-proof than other hybrid diapers
    • One of the most expensive pocket diapers out there
    • May look bulky on smaller babies
    • Many reviewers had issues with the adjustable elastic on the leg openings

    Charlie Banana diapers are very high quality pocket diapers that also double as Hybrids if used with the Charlie Banana reusable diaper inserts.

    Charlie Bananas are made of a polyester outer layer and a super soft fleece inner layer. Reviewers have noted that the fleece inside of these diapers is much softer than other pocket diapers, and that they do not leave any marks on baby’s skin. Charlie Bananas come with an adjustable elastic around the legs, which can be very convenient for creating a custom fit and preventing leaks. These diapers are sold individually as well as in a six pack and can be used with the included microfiber inserts (2 per diaper), or Charlie Banana disposable inserts.

    Charlie Banana diapers are a high quality hybrid option that have all of the great features of standard pocket diapers but can easily be used with disposable inserts as well.

  11. 11. Best Bottom: Diaper Cover With Snap-In Liner (Sold Individually)

    • Does not look bulky like other pocket diapers
    • Inserts easily snap in, which is quicker and cleaner than inserting them into a pocket
    • The outer shell is lightweight and easy to clean
    • You can choose either snap or hook and loop closure
    • It is a bit more difficult to use different brands of inserts or diapers with these
    • Hook and loop closure may cause marks on baby’s bellies
    • Does not have a lot of solid color options, mostly prints

    Best Bottom diapers take all of the best features of pocket diapers and combine them into one great diapering system. They have a unique design that allows them to be absorbant and leak proof without looking bulky.

    Best Bottoms look like regular pocket diapers on the outside, but they have a unique design on the inside. Instead of having multiple bulky layers of fabric, the cover is a simple, single layer shell that can be easily wiped clean between uses. The inserts snap in quickly and easily and the shell can be reused multiple times if it does not become soaked or soiled. These diapers are available in both hook and loop and snap closures depending on your preference. Best Bottom offers six different insert options in three sizes each, so you can customize the material, absorbancy and size to meet your baby’s needs.

    Best Bottoms are a uniquely designed snap-in diaper that are convenient, easy to use and not as bulky as most pocket diapers.

  12. 12. Iuhan Diapers: Pocket Diaper (Sold Individually)

    • Very inexpensive compared with other pocket diapers and diaper covers
    • Comes in many colors and a lot of cute patterns
    • Compatible with any diaper inserts, prefolds or flat diapers
    • Made in China
    • Not a lot of customer reviews available
    • You must buy inserts or diapers separately

    If you are looking for cloth diapers on a budget, you will be very pleased with Iuhan brand diapers. This pocket diaper has all of the features of more expensive brands at a fraction of the cost.

    Iuhan diapers come in two styles, either solid colors or slightly more expensive patterend diapers. The outer layer is made of a water resistent yet breathable fabric, and the inner layer is a moisture wicking material to keep baby dry. These diapers feature snap closures that allow you to customize the fit to your growing baby from infancy through toddlerhood. They can be used either as a diaper cover or a pocket diaper, but they do not come with inserts so these must be purchased separately.

    Althougth Iuhan is not a very well known brand, their diapers are high quality for the price and you will not find a better price anywhere else.

  13. 13. Disana: Organic Merino Wool Diaper Cover (Sold Individually)

    • Made of 100% organic natural materials
    • Constructed of a double layer of wool throughout
    • Just as leak-proof as plastic covers with proper treatment
    • No elastic means no red marks on baby’s skin
    • Does not come with diapers and cannot be used with inserts
    • More expensive than pocket diapers and shells
    • Must be lanolized and hand washed to maintain waterproofing

    Disana organic merino wool diaper covers are a soft, eco friendly and attractive alternative to pocket diapers or shells, which are usually made of polyester or other petroleum based plastic products.

    For a parent who is looking to clothe their baby in natural materials, it can be disheartening to find that most cloth diapers are made of synthetic materials like polyester and PVC, which can potentially leach chemicals like BPA. Luckily, wool diaper covers are a safe and effective alternative. Wool diaper covers are knit to fit loosely around baby’s bottom and snug around the legs and waist, and by treating them with a lanolin solution periodically they are just as leak-proof as plastic diaper covers. They do not have tight elastic bands and never leave red marks on your baby’s skin, either. Disana wool covers are made in Germany of 100% organic merino wool, and they are double knitted with two layers of wool throughout for extra protection. They come in three sizes for different ages, and can be used on top of flats or prefolds.

    Disana wool covers and an eco-friendly diaper cover that will never irritate your baby’s skin or leave red marks.


When it comes to diapers, cloth or reusable diapers are a great choice for parents who want to save money over the long term, as well as contribute less waste to landfills. As cloth diapering has become more popular, a whole variety of different diaper styles and manufacturers have popped up to fill the niche. The sheer number of choices can be overwhelming to parents who are new to cloth diapering. Here are a few of your options:

  • Flats: These are the standard, old-fashioned diapers that you can fold in a number of ways and secure with diaper pins or a Snappi.
  • Prefolds: Slightly smaller than flats and already "folded" to have multiple layers of cloth down the middle of absorption.
  • Diaper covers: These are waterproof covers that snap, Velcro, or pull up on top of your flats or pre-folds. They come in waterproof synthetic or wool. You do not have to change the cover every time you change your baby's diaper if it does not get soiled or wet.
  • Pocket diapers: Pocket diapers are essentially a prefold/diaper cover combo. They have a pocket inside where you insert 1-2 absorbent pads, and the entire diaper is changed every time it is soiled. These may cost more up front but they are super convenient and you can add more pads for night time protection. Pocket diapers can also be multi-use diaper covers if you put the pad or cloth diaper on the outside of the pocket.
  • All-in-ones: These are the same concept as pocket diapers, but the absorbent pad is not removable. Again they are pricey but convenient and long-lasting.
  • Hybrids: For anyone undecided between cloth and disposable diapers, hybrids take the best of both worlds and combine them into one customizable diaper system. They have a waterproof cloth diaper outer shell and can be used with a disposable insert or with a cloth insert interchangeably.

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