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Michele Maynard has been fired from her job as a teacher’s aide after she was arrested and accused of having a sexual relationship with a student.

Pennsylvania State Police said 36-year-old Maynard engaged in sexual activity with a 17-year-old female student at least three times during the summer of 2018. She was also accused of supplying alcohol to the alleged victim.

Maynard is married with four children.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. The Teen Girl Told Her Parents About the Relationship & Police Said Michele Maynard Admitted to Touching the Student Inappropriately

The case against Michele Maynard began in September of 2018. The 17-year-old student told her parents that Maynard, a teacher’s aide for the Towanda School District, had sexually assaulted her multiple times.

According to WNEP-TV, the teen claimed the physical relationship began in June. She said it happened during a sleepover at Maynard’s house. (Maynard has four children of her own, including a 14-year-old daughter).

Police said Maynard confessed to kissing and touching the girl at least three times during the summer. She was also accused of buying alcohol for her daughter and the alleged victim.

Other students commented on the allegations against Maynard to WNEP-TV. Kylicia Darrow told the TV station, “You would never think that your mom’s friend would be doing something like that, especially like, with a student at the school.”

Another student, Gabrail Maas, expressed sympathy for Maynard’s daughter. “At first it was extremely alarming to me because she had been my study hall teacher, and I mean, felt really bad for the daughter because I mean, of course, everyone is going to be talking about it.”

2. Maynard is Facing Nine Charges, Including Eight Felonies

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Michele L. Maynard was charged on nine counts, according to online records from the Bradford County Court of Common Pleas court. The charges include:

• 4 counts: School – Intercourse/Sexual Contact with Student
• 4 counts: Corruption Of Minors – Defendant Age 18 or Above
• 1 count: Sell/Furnish Liquor Etc Minor

The sexual contact and corruption of minors charges are third degree felonies. A third degree felony in Pennsylvania carries a punishment of up to seven years in prison if convicted.

Giving alcohol to minors is a misdemeanor in Pennsylvania. The potential punishment for that crime if convicted is a $1,000 fine for a first-time offense and up to one year behind bars.

3. Michele Maynard’s Formal Arraignment was Scheduled for November 1 & Her Attorney was Expected to Issue a ‘Not Guilty’ Plea On Her Behalf

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Michele Maynard was arrested October 1 by the Towanda division of the Pennsylvania State Police. Bail was set at $10,000. She paid it and was released.

The Bradford County District Attorney’s office is prosecuting the case. According to court records with the Bradford County Court of Common Pleas, Maynard hired attorney Gregory Eugene Davidson to represent her.

Maynard will be formally arraigned on November 1. But she was not expected to be present in court. She issued paperwork on October 10 to waive her appearance at arraignment. When a defendant does this, the defense attorney typically enters a “not guilty” plea on behalf of the client.

4. Michele Maynard is Married With Four Children

Michele Maynard’s Facebook page is filled with pictures of her four children. She has three daughters and one son. The oldest daughter, as referenced above, was 14 years old as of the summer of 2018. The younger children, based on a Facebook photo from 2015, would now by 13, 11 and 9 years old.

According to WNEP-TV, Maynard’s husband learned about the alleged sexual contact between his wife and the teenage girl via text message. Police said both Maynard and the student sent details of the relationship directly to him.

5. The Towanda Area School District Terminated Maynard Following Her Arrest

Michele Maynard was a teacher’s aide for Towanda High School. But the district fired Maynard following her arrest. Maynard’s name has also been removed from the school’s online directory.

According to online records, Maynard does not have any prior arrests.

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