WATCH: Video Shows Angie Frost Steal Tulsa Police Car

angie frost

Dr. Eddie Warrior Correctional Center Angie Frost was sentenced to prison after stealing a police cruiser.

Angie Frost is serving a three-year prison sentence for stealing a police cruiser while still in handcuffs. The Tulsa, Oklahoma, Police department has released the dash and body camera video of the incident, which happened on March 30, 2018.

Bodycam Shows Handcuffed Woman Stealing Tulsa Police Car** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) ** Tulsa Police have released dash and body camera video of a woman stealing a patrol car. Police say an officer pulled over a woman driving a stolen car, but shortly after, the officer’s car was stolen. They say she stole the…2018-10-23T03:13:29.000Z

Police had pulled Frost over because the car she was driving had been reported as stolen. At the beginning of the video, you can see that Frost had already been put into the handcuffs. She is heard telling officers that her friend, Steven, had allowed her to borrow his car because she was moving. She claimed there was a witness that could verify her account. “I swear I did not steal his vehicle.”

There were three officers involved. Officer #1 is the person wearing the body camera. Officer #2 is the shorter officer with dark hair and wearing glasses. The third officer does not appear to talk very much in the video.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Angie Frost Insisted That She Had Borrowed the Car From a Friend & Was Not Aware The Vehicle Had Been Stolen

angie frost

The officers asked Frost if she knew for certain whether the vehicle did in fact belong to her friend Steven. She told them she did not know for sure, but assumed he had purchased the car himself. Officer #1 then explains to Frost that if her friend had stolen the car, she could face consequences. Frost became emotional at this, tearfully telling the officers that she “works with police” and “if I go back to jail, that means prison for years.” She asked for her phone back so she could call her witness, but the officer refused this request. She also said she’d like to apologize to the owners of the vehicle, if it was in fact stolen.

Frost explained that she had known Steven for almost a year at that point. They had met through mutual friends the year prior, “when I first got released from County.”

About 8:30 into the video, Officer #2 walks back into the frame and confirms that Steven “took the vehicle without permission. It was reported as stolen.” Frost began crying again upon hearing this. In addition to being in possession of a stolen vehicle, the officer reveals that Frost’s license had been flagged; she was not allowed to be driving in the first place. He tells her she would be taken to jail. Frost kept crying and pleaded her case again, repeating that she works with police on trying to solve other cases.

2. The Officers Keep Angie Frost in Handcuffs & Put Her in the Front Seat of a Cruiser While They Discuss What to do Next

Despite Frost’s pleas, the officers maintain that she would be taken to jail. They mention that if she was not the person responsible for stealing the car, then she would be vindicated in court. But for the time being, they could not release her. Still handcuffed, Officer #2 puts Frost in the front seat of the police cruiser. She can be heard saying again, “I didn’t know!”

The officers walk away from the police cruiser and begin talking about Steven. They are heard discussing that Steven was the person listed as the main suspect for stealing the car. Officer #1 can be heard saying that Frost could help them arrest Steven. He then says that a theft charge against Frost “won’t stick” because she was not aware the vehicle was stolen. “I think she’s willing to do what she needs to do.”

At about 10:40 into the video, Officer #2 revealed additional information that was listed in the police report on the stolen vehicle. The owner turned out to be Steven’s mother, who had realized the day before that her keys were missing. She discovered that her son had taken the car without asking for permission; Steven then told his mother that Angie Frost had stolen the vehicle from him.

Officer #1 walked back to the cruiser to look at the report again. Frost was still crying. She told them, “Please, I’ll show you where Steven lives! If he took the car without permission, right? Can you please talk to me? Sir, please?” Frost then offers to show the officers where they can find “a massive amount of stolen vehicles.” But the officers did not ask her questions about that.

Instead, they focused on whether Frost was aware of who owned the vehicle. She insisted she did not.

3. One of the Officers is Heard Saying at Least Twice That He Didn’t Believe Frost Could Be Charged With Stealing the Vehicle Due to Lack of Evidence; He Speculates That ‘Steven’ Was Trying to Shift the Blame to Frost

Officer #1, the one who initially brought up the idea that Frost could lead them to Steven, remained doubtful that Frost could be charged for a crime. At 13:13 into the video, he is heard mulling over the facts. “The mom says Steven took [the car] from her. He said [Frost] took it from him. The mom is… the only one that has the ability to claim it was stolen from her. He doesn’t, because it wasn’t his to begin with.”

Officer #1 acknowledges that he believes it was possible that Frost had taken the car from Steven. But he was not sure, because they did not yet have Steven’s first-hand account of the situation. He is heard saying, “it’d be tough to get this in a court, to stick on her. I would assume that Steven was just trying to hide it from his mom by saying, ‘oh, this girl took it.’ Because it’s also possible Steven loaned it to her, and said ‘yeah, use it as long as you want’ because he knows it’s Mom’s and he wants it out of his hands. That way he has plausible deniability.”

The officers talk about trying to get the vehicle’s owner on the phone to confirm her report, but she apparently did not answer when they called. They also discussed going by the owner’s home to verify her story. Officer #1 speculates that if the owner gets her car back, she might decide not to press charges. Officer #2 states that Frost was in trouble regardless for driving without a valid license, but the rest of the case could possibly get resolved without going to court and without further charges.

Officer #2 looks around the stolen vehicle for a couple of minutes with a flashlight. That’s when the situation suddenly escalated.

4. The Chase Lasted Less Than Two Minutes; Officers Arrested Angie Frost After She Stopped the Car & Tried to Run Away

angie frost

At 20:00 into the video, Officer #1’s body camera catches Angie Frost suddenly move into the driver’s seat of the police cruiser. Officer #2 tries to open the door, but was not successful and she speeds off. The officers quickly jump into another cruiser and begin pursuit.

The bottom right-hand side of the screen shows the dash video from the cruiser Frost was driving. She gets on a highway and reaches a speed of 92 miles per hour. She’s heard exclaiming, “Oh God there’s another cop!” followed by expletives. She makes two turns, and pulls into what looks like an apartment complex. She bumps into a parked car, and makes a run for it. She had been driving the car for about 1 minute, 20 seconds.

The video then focuses again on Officer #1’s body camera. He runs through the complex, saying, “Where’d she go?” At 21:45, two additional officers are seeing grabbing Frost from a staircase. She seems to trip on her way down and can be heard continuing to cry. The officers put her on the ground onto her stomach. They remove the handcuffs from her wrists so that they can put her arms behind her back. Frost cries out “owe” several times but an officer is heard saying that she is “fine.”

At 22:22, one of the officers is then heard laughing, “Now we do got her on a stolen vehicle, for sure!” This elicits chuckles from another officer. Frost tries to plead again, “I told you guys I didn’t steal that car.”

But they explain, with amusement in their voices, that it’s irrelevant at this point. “You stole a police car in front of three police officers! And eluded. Ive seen some stupid stuff, but my god. And you hit a car with it.” They begin walking back toward the police cruisers.

Frost is heard crying out, “You guys told me that I was going to jail, for something that I did not do!” She then acknowledges stealing the police car and that now she’s going to jail for doing something wrong. The officer responded, “Well, here you go. Silver linings.”

At 25:00, one of the officers can be heard laughing that someone needed to go pick up the cop that had been left behind. “She didn’t bother to give him a ride!”

At 25:33, Frost calls one of the officers “hateful.” He responds, “You just stole a police car. And drove like sh*t.” Frost replied, “I was going to jail because I stole a car. You all were going to arrest me for stealing the black car.”

At least two of the officers spoke at the same time. They pointed out that Frost could have gotten out of a charge related to the other car, because there was not concrete evidence against her. Frost then angrily responds that she had been willing to give up drug dealers and “the heads of all the mobs and the gangs and all that f***ing sh*t.”

One of the officers responds sarcastically, “You know what, our bad. Our bad you stole a police car.” She shoots back, “Don’t patronize me.” The officer tells Frost to “take accountability” for her actions. She replied that the officer talking to her had not seen her steal the police cruiser. Officer #1 spoke up, “I did!” Frost acknowledges that the officer wearing the body camera did witness the crime, which elicits another laugh from all of the officers.

Frost went on to say that if she was going to jail regardless, she’d rather be locked up for a crime she had actually committed. The officers also told her that the dash camera had been rolling the entire time, and she offered to autograph it.

At 28:16 into the video, Frost speaks directly to Officer #1. She said, “I know you hate me right now…” The officer responds, “I don’t hate you. This is hilarious. This is the best thing that’s happened to me in awhile.” She asks for her cellphone, but he refuses, saying he could not assume that any of the property inside the vehicle actually belonged to her.

At 29:50, Officer #1 asks Frost what her plan had been. He questions whether Frost thought she could get inside an apartment before they could find her. He acknowledges that she does not have to answer his question if she doesn’t want to, and she asks whether it was a hypothetical question. Officer #1 responds, “I don’t think you understand what hypothetical means. This is literally a situation that happened, so it’s not hypothetical. I think rhetorical is the word you’re looking for.” Frost sarcastically responds, “Thank you for the English lesson.” The officers then continue laughing, and joke that the cop whose car had been stolen would never live it down.

In the final minute of the video, another police cruiser pulls up to take Frost to jail. Officer #1 says, “This’ll be tougher to steal. This is one of our updated ‘hard to steal’ models.” He then explains to the other cops that he was “impressed” rather than mad at her. She had been handcuffed with her hands behind her back. But she somehow managed to slip the handcuffs to the front of her body in order to drive the vehicle.

5. Angie Frost Pleaded Guilty to Larceny & Was Sentenced to Three Years Behind Bars

angie frost

Dr. Eddie Warrior Correctional Center

Jail records from the Dr. Eddie Warrior Correctional Center show that Angie Lynn Frost faced four charges: two for unauthorized use of a vehicle, possession of a stolen vehicle, and Larceny for stealing the police cruiser. She pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three years behind bars. She was assigned the Offender ID 786417.

angie frost

Online records reveal more information about Angie Frost’s background. In October 2014, she paid a fine for driving without a valid license.

In July of 2015, misdemeanor charges of Domestic Abuse – Assault & Battery were filed. That case appears to have been dismissed in 2017. Records also show charges in 2017 including unauthorized use of a vehicle, possession of a controlled drug, and receiving stolen property; Frost pleaded guilty in all of those cases.

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