Nauman Hussain: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

nauman hussain

Getty/New York State Police Nauman Hussain pictured in a 2014 mugshot.

Nauman Hussain, the son of the owner of the limo company that was responsible for crashing a limo in New York and killing 20 people, is facing charges of criminally negligent homicide, per a report by BuzzFeed News.

Hussain was reportedly pulled over with his brother last Thursday; troopers said that the two brothers were “adamant in their claims that they were each other.”

Hussain had been charged with misdemeanor false personation and conspiracy last week, and he is now purportedly set to be charged in relation to the limo crash that occurred over the weekend.

Hussain is the operator of Prestige Limo. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Hussain Was Taken into Custody on Wednesday During a Controlled Traffic Stop

Hussain was taken in custody following a routine traffic stop near Albany, New York, on Wednesday morning. Though his father, Shahed Hussain, owns Prestige Limo, Hussain is the one who ran the Saratoga County limousine company, according to Democrat & Chronicle. 

The specifics of Hussain’s charges aren’t yet clear. However, the safety record for Prestige Limo has since come under intense scrutiny, and the limo involved in the crash reportedly failed two safety inspections in the last year.

2. Hussain, 24, Has an ‘Extensive Suspension & Conviction List’ That Has Previously Been Cleared

According to New York State Troopers, 24-year-old Hussain has “an extensive suspension and conviction list” that had previously been cleared, for reasons unknown. What’s more, Hussain’s brother, 25-year-old Shahyer Hussain, also has a significant record: his driver’s license is revoked and he has received 28 driving suspensions, 24 of them having occurred on separate dates.

3. Shahed Hussain, Prestige Limo Owner & Former FBI Informant, Is Currently Out of the Country

Shahed Hussain, the owner of Prestige Limo, is currently out of the country, presently staying in his native Pakistan. Hussain is technically the owner of four limo companies: Prestige Limousine, Chauffeur Service Saratoga, Luxury Limousine and Hasy Limousine, though they all operate out of the same address.

It’s unclear when Hussain will return to the country. However, his lawyer has assured CNN that he intends to return whenever he is needed, adding, “He is ready and able to come back whenever they need him. His heart is broken and his family’s heart is broken. … Anything that he can do to make this right, he’ll do, and he’s so very sorry for everything that’s happened.”

However, it is clear that Hussain does have some level of connection with the government, as he was an FBI informant after being charged in 2002 for being involved in an illegal scheme to get people driver’s licenses for cash. Specifically, Hussain worked with the FBI to find muslims who might be plotting terrorist acts against the United States.

4. Scott Lisinicchia, the Limo Driver Who Died in the Crash, Did Not Have Proper License at the Time of the Crash

Driver Scott Lisinicchia, who died in the crash and was one of the drivers for Prestige Limo, reportedly did not have the proper license to drive the vehicle at the time of the crash, according to a statement made by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Lisinicchia’s wife has since given conflicting reports about Lisinicchia’s perception of the limo company. Kim Lisinicchia told CBS that her husband had often complained about the quality of the limousines he was required to drive, and that she even overheard him say on one occasion, “I’m not going to drive this like this. You need to give me another car.” However, in another instance she told CBS that he thought the cars were “all right.”

In a statement given via a law firm, Grant & Longworth, the Lisinicchia family said, “The family believes that unbeknownst to (Scott Lisinicchia), he was provided with a vehicle that was neither roadworthy nor safe for any of its occupants.”

5. The Crash Is the Worst Transportation Accident in the United States in Nine Years

The limo crash was the worst transportation accident in nine years since a plane crash in Buffalo in 2009 that killed 50 people. Of the 18 people killed, six of them were sisters and brothers, all looking to celebrate the thirtieth birthday of Amy Steenburg.

Jessica Kirby, the manager of the Apple Barrel Country Store (near to where the limo crashed) said to The New York Times,“That limo was coming down that hill probably over 60 miles per hour…I don’t want to describe the scene. It’s not something I want to think about.”

The specific cause of the crash has not yet been identified.

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