John David Rice-Cameron, Susan Rice’s Republican Son, ‘Beaten Up’

John David Rice-Cameron Facebook page

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Susan Rice’s Republican son, John David Rice-Cameron, was “beaten up” on campus at Stanford during a rally. The school newspaper, Stanford Daily, was the first to report that Rice-Cameron is to press charges against a female student who he says “physically assaulted” him at White Plaza on campus. The newspaper names Rice-Cameron’s alleged attacker as the class of 2021’s Melinda Hernandez.

Rice-Cameron is the eldest child of Susan Rice, the former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, and ABC News producer Ian Officer Cameron. The couple has a younger daughter, Maris, together. Susan Rice graduated from Stanford University with a BA in History in 1986. Rice-Cameron’s father is also a Stanford alum. Rice-Cameron is the president of the Stanford College Republicans and the activism director for the California College Republicans.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Rice-Cameron Intends to Press Full Charges Against Melinda Hernandez

The Stanford Daily report says that Rice-Cameron was with a group that was celebrating Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s recent nomination. Rice-Cameron alleges that Hernandez “shoved him in the chest with her hand during a verbal disagreement.” The article says that Hernandez was issued a citation for battery. The case is due to be reviewed by the District Attorney’s office to see if further charges will be brought. Rice-Cameron told the Daily, “She got in my face and proceeded to hit me in the chest area and push me back forcefully. Nobody should be assaulted on campus, under any circumstances.” Rice-Cameron went on to say that he intends to press full charges.

The Stanford Daily reports that Hernandez maintains that she touched Rice-Cameron in the chest when he refused to stop filming her. While a witness is quoted by the Daily as saying, “She kept getting in his face, louder and louder – She walked straight towards him and invaded his personal space and definitely put her hands on him.”

2. Melinda Hernandez Has Been Telling Her Side of the Story on Twitter

Melinda Hernandez has been telling her side of the story on Twitter. Hernandez began by replying to a tweet that read, “SCR (stanford college republicans) called the police on a student speaking out against their assault apologist demonstration. Police arrested her. The president of SCR is John Rice Cameron. His mother is @AmbassadorRice Free the arrested student and abolish SCR.” Hernandez’s reply read, “peace ?? they’re tryna hold me back, but I’m not gonna let them ??‍♀️ ***i was given a citation. I was not arrested.”

On her Facebook page, Hernandez says she is from Chicago. Hernandez writes in her About section, “emcee. host. poet. baby sister. Stanford 2021.” Hernandez’s Twitter profile includes a link to her SoundCloud page.

On Twitter, Hernandez said that her parents “made sure [she] knew how to protect myself in a rough neighborhood.” Hernandez accused the Stanford College Republicans of being “focused on [Hernandez] failing.” Hernandez also wrote, ““Stay safe” here is different. It is a special occasion statement. It is a reminder to move accordingly, as the danger is not from someone who looks like me but rather from men who benefit from this system.” Hernandez went on to tweet, “def not scared. don’t confuse that.”

3. Rice-Cameron Told Fox News in May 2018 that the Tea Party Movement Inspired Him to Become a Conservative

John Rice-Cameron Facebook

Rice-Cameron first came to prominence in May 2018 after he gave an interview with Fox News. He told the network that the Tea Party movement inspired him to become a conservative. Rice-Cameron told Fox, “My mother and I have a great relationship, and my mother believes strongly in the free and respectful exchange of ideas. We disagree on most of the standard Republican/Democrat disagreements. However, we agree that America is the greatest nation the world has ever seen, and thus, we believe that America has an important role to play as a force for liberty and justice on the world stage.” The Fox report mentions that Rice-Cameron has hosted events on campus for conservative icons Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens.

In a separate interview with the College Fix, Rice-Cameron talked about his formative years saying, “Sometimes my dad would listen to Rush Limbaugh and he would kind of argue with him. I just found myself agreeing with basically everything Rush Limbaugh was saying.” Susan Rice told Stanford Politics Magazine about her and her son’s relationship in light of his politics, “I love him very much and I’m very proud of him. And even though we may differ on substantive issues — many substantive issues, not all — that doesn’t get in the way of my ability to support and encourage him and love him the way you would hope any parent would.”

4. Rice-Cameron Has Been Endorsed by Conservative Radio Host Mark Levin

In May 2018, conservative radio host Mark Levin endorsed Rice-Cameron on his Facebook page by tweeting an article about Susan Rice’s son. Levin wrote in the caption, “I salute John David Rice-Cameron; a young man committed to liberty.” Rice-Cameron wrote in the comments under Levin’s post, “You have been the single greatest political inspiration for me. Thank you very much. I will try to call into the radio show sometime soon.”

5. The Stanford College Republicans Said Melinda Hernandez Is a Member of the ‘Unhinged Stanford Left’

A statement on the Stanford College Republicans’ Facebook page after the incident read:

Today, SCR experienced the violent and totalitarian behavior of the unhinged Stanford left. During a ‘Change My Mind’ tabling event regarding the presumption of innocence and the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation, SCR’s President was assaulted by Melinda Hernandez. A sophomore at Stanford, Hernandez approached our President, hit him in chest and forcefully pushed him back…

Our President is pressing full charges against Hernandez. Violence is completely unacceptable, and we will not allow anyone to get away with it.
Throughout the day, our signs were vandalized and destroyed, and we will be posting more video and photos shortly. Stay tuned.”

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