WATCH: Man Chases Republican Campaigner Down the Street

Fareed for Congress Justin Fareed

The campaign of Justin Fareed, a Republican candidate for Congress in California, has released a video which they say shows a man chasing one of Fareed’s campaigners down the street and screaming at him that he is a liar. The campaign says it is supporting their canvasser, Isaac, in every way possible. Isaac has already filed assault charges against the unnamed man, whom he says punched him in the back.

You can watch the video here:

The video was shot by a canvasser for the Fareed campaign who asked to be identified only as “Isaac.” Fareed’s campaign released the video to Breitbart on Saturday. It shows a man in jeans, a white t-shirt, and a flannel shirt running down an otherwise empty street. A voice off-camera (probably Isaac’s voice) says, “what the f*** is your problem?”

The man stops running and says, “you’re going to put that on the internet?”

“Yes!” responds Isaac. “Why are you attacking me?”

“Because,” the man responds. “You’re lying.”

At this point, Isaac says, several times, “you’re going to be reported for assault.”

The man says, “what?” then he gives a kind of roar and says, “good.”

Isaac Said the Man Got Mad After He Brought Up a Controversial Case Involving an Illegal Immigrant

Isaac told the Fareed campaign that on Friday, he was canvassing for votes, going door to door, handing out campaign material, and offering to answer any questions. He said that the man in the video answered his door and that they were having a conversation about Fareed’s race, and about law and order issues in general.

But Isaac said the man became enraged after he brought up the case of Kate Steinle, a young woman who went to school in the congressional district and was killed in 2015. Steinle’s case became notorious after an illegal immigrant named Jose Ines Garcia Zarate was accused of killing her. A jury decided not to press murder charges against Zarate, although he was deported for illegal possession of a firearm.

Isaac said that after he brought up the case, the man became enraged and started to chase him down the street. He told the Fareed campaign that the man also chased him down the road and punched him in the back. Isaac has filed assault an assault report and says he wants to press charges against the man.

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