WATCH: ‘I’m Surrounded By Fire,’ News Cameraman’s Alarming Footage [Video]

‘I’m surrounded by fire. I am surrounded by fire,” the man repeats as his camera pans and

CBS reported he was somewhere in Malibu. But that’s not confirmed. Nor is his identity, nor where CBS obtained the video. None of that information was provided in the CBS Facebook post and tweet. The story linked on both CBS’ Facebook and Twitter does not include the name, location or condition of the cameramen.

Many people who have seen the video are afraid for him want to know that he’s safe.

Others were not so supportive. Some are saying that he put himself in harm’s way and may need rescuers to help him to safety.

Again, it’s all unclear.

Heavy is trying to identify the cameraman and learn more and if that happens, will update this post.

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