American Priority Conference: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Activists on the left are up in arms about what many of them are calling a “fascist” event taking place in Washington, DC this week. The “American Priority” conference begins on December 6 and runs until December 8; its organizers are calling it a “free speech” event, but protesters say the event is geared towards “misogynists, nationalists, and white supremacists.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Roger Stone Is the Keynote Speaker

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Roger Stone was a key campaign adviser for Donald Trump in 2016. Since then, Stone has been accused of having connections to Russian intelligence, and he’s been investigated as part of Robert Mueller’s probe into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Stone has refused to testify and has told the media that he never had anything to do with the Russian government. Still, he admitted that he did have contact with Wikileaks, to try and get information about Hillary Clinton.

Politico has written that Roger Stone is in the middle of a publicity frenzy, doing everything he can to sell books, earn money from his public appearances, and do whatever possible to raise money. If so, that might explain Stone’s decision to be the keynote speaker at the American Priority Conference, a high-profile event geared at conservative Americans.

2.Laura Loomer, Mike Cernovich, & Jack Posobiec Are All Billed to Speak

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The American Priority Conference is calling itself “a conference for the people and by the people.” The event is billed as “a home for free speech and free association.” Speakers at the conference include Laura Loomer and Mike Cernovich.

Laura Loomer made headlines recently when she was permanently banned from Twitter, after the social media site accused her of hate speech. Loomer has had a series of run-ins with Twitter this year, in the months leading up to her ban. After the ban, she chained herself to the front door of Twitter’s New York headquarters to protest being banned. Loomer eventually had to ask police to help her get her handcuffs unlocked so that she could leave, after a Twitter announced they wouldn’t press charges.

Mike Cernovich is a far-right commentator who has been called a “male supremacist” by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The SPLC also argues that Cernovich was one of the key players involved in spreading the “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory. Pizzagate was a conspiracy theory which linked members of the DNC to a pedophilia ring.

3. Leftist Groups Are Trying to Cancel the Event

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In the lead-up to the American Priority Conference, groups like “Resist This” were calling on their members to do everything they could to get the conference canceled. “Resist This” asked people to call the Wardman Park Marriot Hotel, whee the event is going to take place, to ask them to cancel the event. “Resist This” also asked people to leave an “angry Yelp review” about the hotel.

“Resist This” sent out an email on Wednesday urging their followers to take action, and warning, in dire terms, that “

“Later this week, misogynists, nationalists, and white supremacists will travel to DC for the ‘American Priority’ conference at the Wardman Park Marriott…Marriott is making a lot of money on this, so it’ll take a concerted effort to get this shut down.”

4. Conservatives Are Calling the Event the ‘Conference of the Year’ &They Say It Won’t Be a ‘Safe Space’

Conference organizers say that their event is NOT a “safe space” and that speakers will not be vilified if they say something that makes people uncomfortable. Organizers wrote, “We welcome all Americans who want to “make America great again.” We refuse to play the media’s rules that a speaker should be barred and disavowed because their views don’t subscribe to group think, are considered controversial, or have said a gaffe in the past.”

The organizers are billing their event as “the largest national gathering of conservatives, center-right populists, economic nationalists, and libertarians to discuss their ideas and prioritize agenda items within the political, policy, and cultural arenas.”

5. Opponents of the Conference Say They Want to ‘De-Platform’ the Organizers

Opponents of the conference say that the event is going to attract misogynists and racists. Some of the event’s opponents say their goal is to “de-platform” the event’s organizers.

On the other side, the conference’s organizers say they want to celebrate free speech. Some of the speakers — like Laura Loomer and Mike Cernovich — have been outspoken about the need for free speech, which, they say, is coming under attack in an increasingly politically correct world. They argue that social media sites, like Twitter, are unfairly blocking conservatives and people on the right. Meanwhile, the Southern Poverty Law Center argues that Cernovich uses “Free speech” as an excuse to “harass women and make misogynistic, violent comments.”

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