Scott Krulcik: A Tribute to the 22-Year-Old Google Programmer

Scott Krulcik

Facebook/Scott Krulcik Scott Krulcik pictured on his Facebook page.

Scott Krulcik, a Google programmer, has been found dead at the company’s office in New York City. He was 22 years old. ABC New York reports that there were no signs of trauma or any sign of criminality when Krulcik’s body was found. The station’s report says that Krulcik was found on December 7. No cause of death has been made public pending an autopsy from the Medical Examiner.

The New York Post reports that Krulcik was found unconscious by a janitor at his work terminal inside the Google building. Krulcik worked on the eighth floor. The Post report says that emergency services performed CPR on Krulcik to no avail. Online records show that Krulcik lived in the West Village. Google’s New York City office is located at 111 8th Avenue in Manhattan. The Post reports that Krulcik did not have a history of substance abuse problems nor did he have any outstanding medical issues.

Here’s what you need to know:

Krulcik Has Been Working for Google Since He Was in College

Scott Krulcik Facebook

Facebook/Scott Krulcik

According to Krulcik’s LinkedIn page, he had worked full-time for Google since August 2018. He had been in school placements with the search engine since Mary 2016. Prior to that, Krulcik worked in a work placement with WhatsApp, the texting service which is owned by Facebook. Krulcik graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh in December 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

Krulcik’s Last Publicly Visible Facebook Post Paid a Beautiful Tribute to Pittsburgh in the Wake of October 2018’s Synagogue Shooting

Scott Krulcik Facebook page

Facebook/Scott Krulcik

Krulcik lived in Pittsburgh between 2014 and 2018 while he attended Carnegie Mellon. His last publicly visible Facebook message was a poignant message of hope in the wake of the Tree of Life synagogue shooting in his home city. Krulcik wrote:

It’s sad to see hatred hurt a place like Pittsburgh, my home for most of the last four years. It’s a place where I always felt welcome and safe, where I made friends and memories that shape who I am. If Pittsburgh is anything, it’s a strong community. Squirrel Hill (where Mr. Rogers’ was filmed) is a neighborhood tolerant of many people’s differences, but not of hate. The hate that killed and wounded peaceful worshippers and police officers cannot compare to the strength of the loving community that is Pittsburgh.

Now that I’m in New York, I see One World Trade every day. Rather than stand in awe, inspired by its defiant stance atop of Ground Zero, I pay it no mind. It is normal. Its normalcy is a monument to the fact that after 9/11, New York kept on being New York. There are memorials, as there should be, but day to day, the city charges on as it had before. That is what power over terrorism looks like. Pittsburgh will go on being Pittsburgh, too. Terrible towels will whirl, funiculars will keep funicularing, yinzers will still love pierogi, and the roads will remain an enigma. One day doesn’t change Pittsburgh. It will go on, as a united community, not a divided one.”

Krulcik Was a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Kyokushin Karate

Scott Krulcik Google

Facebook/Scott Krulcik

Krulcik’s online resume says that he was a graduate of Saratoga High School, where he graduated third out of a class of 547. He also had had a top SAT score and excelled at Carnegie Mellon. He described his interests as hiking in the Adirondack Mountains, downhill skiing and tracking wolves in Yellowstone National Park. Krulcik enjoyed playing soccer and in high school was a pole vaulter. In addition, Krulcik was a 2nd-degree black belt in Kyokushin karate. He also worked for a time as a tour guide at the New York State Military Museum.

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