Youngstown State: Police Chief Confirms No Active Shooter

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Youngstown State University was on lockdown amid reports of an active shooter on Monday morning. The official Twitter account for the school tweeted that a suspect is on campus and “at large with a firearm.”

As of 1:15 p.m., the lockdown has been lifted. 

Earlier, there was conflicting information regarding whether there was or was not an “active shooter,” YSU police did arrest a suspect, who turned himself in peacefully.

Since then, a Youngstown State police dispatcher has said that the campus went under a lockdown because a man pulled a gun on another man, and the man with the gun began to run towards the university’s rec center.

Earlier in the day, the Youngstown Police Chief claimed that there was no active shooter on campus; rather YSU police mistakenly thought they saw a person with a gun on campus.

Chief Robin Lees said, “They’re erring on the side of caution. With what’s going on with mass shootings, we’re being careful.”

Youngstown State University is located in Youngstown, Ohio. Here’s what you need to know

Following the Lockdown, YSU Urged All Students & Faculty To Sign Up for the Instant Emergency Notification Alert System

Following the lockdown, YSU’s official Twitter account urged all relevant parties to sign up for the “Penguin Alert system,” which was what originally notified people of the lockdown. It noted that all students, faculty, and staff are already signed up for email notifications, but people need to choose to opt in for text notifications.

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