Alleged ISIS Member American Soulay Noah Su, 16, Captured in Syria

Soulay Noah Su

YPG American Soulay Noah Su, 16, an alleged ISIS fighter, has been captured by YPG in Syria.

The Rojava Defense Unit, known as YPG, said early Wednesday it captured 8 alleged ISIS terrorists. An American teenager is one of them. Sixteen-year-old Soulay Noah Su was reported to be among terrorist rounded up in Syria.

According to a statement released by YPG, during a special operation in Deir al-Zour, Syria, “eight ISIS terrorists of foreign origins” by counter-terrorism units.

“…we know that the terrorists are planning attacks to slow down the progress of our forces by attacking civilians as a last resort. A group of terrorists of different nationalities that had been planning the mentioned attack were captured and put under long-term technical and physical surveillance by our relevant forces.”

The alleged terrorists are Russian, Ukrainian, German, Kazakh, Tajik, Uzbek and, American, YPG says.

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