WATCH: White Man Attacks Black Female McDonald’s Employee & She Fights Back [Explicit Video]

Update: Transient Daniel Taylor has been arrested and charged in the attack. Read more here.

There’s as of yet little information about this incident but what is known so far based on reports is that a white male customer at a McDonald’s counter in St. Petersburg, Florida lunges at and violently grabs a black female employee across the counter. She fights back even as the man continues his attack.

According to the Atlanta Black Star, a Facebook post and a YouTube video, the incident occurred recently and, as can be seen in the video, the female employee is pulled away by another employee, but the man remains at the counter and then, he appears to snap his fingers at an employee who appears to be a manager.

Some have questioned if police were called and if the man was arrested for the assault. Though as many also point out, this young woman was not about to be attacked without fighting back.

“I want her ass fired right now,” the assailant says to the manager. She shouts, “No, you’re fixing to go to jail!” He says, “I was just asking you a fuc*ing question, bitch,” he screams as she asks why the police are not being called.

On YouTube, people are asking if police were called and if charges were pressed.

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“This happened at a McDonalds in St Petersburg Florida…A SWS assaulted a Black female employee, & she had to fight him off,” YouTuber DarkWeb TV wrote in the description. And then asks, “Why wasn’t he made to leave the premises after the assault? Why did that manager continue to take his order? Why were the BM just standing around?”

This is a developing story.

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