WATCH: Another ‘Crosswalk Cathy’ Goes on Vile Racist Rant in Arizona [Explicit Video]

Some are calling her ‘Crosswalk Cathy,’ which would make her at least the second white women caught on video in the midst of a racist rant with the same moniker. She’s in a plaza walking on a crosswalk and then a path when she is seen and heard in a now-viral recording shouting to a motorist, “Fuck you, you n*gger.”

The verbal racist attack took place Sunday in Scottsdale, Arizona.

As reported by the Phoenix New Times, John Andrew Taylor said he’d just dropped off his sister when he happened upon her crossing the street when, he says, she yelled: “Fuck you, you n*gger.” Taylor asked her to repeat what she said. “You heard me, you fucking n*igger.”

He then indicated he was recording her.

In the video, the woman can be heard repeating her repugnant rant: “You motherfucker. Go for it you fucking n*gger piece of shit.”

Taylor is slowly driving then turning away and says to her, several times, “You have yourself a blessed day.”

She turns back toward him and says, “You’re supposed to be in Oakland, ni**er.”

Now Taylor says he’s “taking the time for this one.” He rolls down the window: “What was that? You said I’m what?”

Inexplicably, she says: “Tupac is dead. I killed him. I put a bullet through the fucker’s head. He’s a dead fucking n*gger ..he’s an ugly fucking homosexual rapist fucking n*gger. Just like you, fucker.”

And then she walks off.

Taylor spoke to the Phoenix New Times saying that while he encounters racism regularly, the level of her vitriol was shocking.

“I have never in my life had someone had the gumption and the audacity to come out and say something like this. Not directly to my face, at least,” he told the paper.

Crosswalk Cathy

IGCrosswalk Cathy

But added that it felt it important to rise above the hate.

“As the woman hurled the n-word his way, Taylor thought of something his mother used to say: ‘Never look like what you’re going through. What she meant by that is, if you’re going through trials and tribulations on the outside, if you’re hurting, put a smile on. You can make it through anything. Even if it is killing you on the inside, don’t let it show.'”

Comments on his IG post ran pretty much like this:

“What a nasty human. I’m so sorry this happened to you. You were much more graceful in your handling of her than I would have been. Respect! ❤️”

Many are interested in outing her.

“I sincerely hope they find this lady so she can be properly shamed. This is disgusting and you didn’t deserve it. I’m amazed at how you managed to just laugh it off, you are a strong man.”

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