Police Investigating Snapchat Video of Girl, 17, Hurling Small Dogs Through Trampoline

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Allie Torney works with the person whose disturbing Snapchat video she shared to her Facebook.

Her video is not embeddable, but you can see it here.

“…poor dogs to think i work with someone like this. Absolutely disgusting,” Torney wrote in a brief descriptor as the Snapchat clip needs little captioning.

As Snapchat videos are usually just seconds long, and while they disappear almost immediately, they can, however, be captured, as Torney did when she saw a woman she works with had posted a video of her hurling two different small-breed dogs at and through a small trampoline laying on its side in what appears to be a living room.

“I promise this isn’t abuse. JUst having fun.”

The original Snacpaht videos from user ‘Carol ? ???’ which Torney grabbed are captioned:

“I would never hurt them intentionally the dog fell off my shoulder …” um okay ??

“bro [@XXXXXXX) this is actual animal abuse don’t make me call PETA??”

An explanation and a denial from the 17-year-old girl is circulating on social media. She claims she did not throw her dog, rather it “fell off (her) shoulder” into a pile of laundry and blankets onto a chair.

The Washington Township (Gloucester County, New Jersey) Police Department is investigating.

On her Facebook page, people have left damning comments about her alleged abuse of the dogs.

This is a developing story.