Facebook Down & Instagram Down Memes …on Twitter!



The first reports came in around noon-ish on the East Coast. Glitchy at best, completely shut down at worst, Facebook took to Twitter to let people know what’s up. Not much in the way of an answer, by the way.

Well, save for the fact that it appears Facebook knows that it’s “not related to a DDoS attack,” or massive organized global hack.

Meanwhile, the Internet is losing it. And maybe in a good way. Many see this as a big boon for Twitter and tons of memes suggest it’s all a Twitter plot. It’s not.

Seriously though, it’s closing in on hour number eight and there are no real answers coming from Facebook, which owns Instagram, which is leading some to speculate that it’s worse than we think.

And it’s not just those two platforms, WhatsApp is down and while widely used in the U.S., it’s not nearly as popular in the States as it is elsewhere globally.

And if Facebook’s out, so is Messenger.

Vanity Fair reported that a Facebook rep refused comment save to point to its two tweets from Wednesday afternoon.

In the meantime, as the world awaits the fix, here are some not-to-be-missed memes and funny tweets; some clever, some hysterical but many, desperate-sounding.