Ashley Massaro’s Dating History: WWE Star Dated Matt Hardy

Ashley Massaro has died at 39 years old, according to a breaking news report by The Blast. Massaro did not appear to be dating anyone publicly at the time of her death; her cause of death has not been determined.

One of Massaro’s more high-profile relationships was with Matt Hardy; in November 2018, Massaro reminisced on her relationship with Hardy and ended up getting in an online feud with Hardy’s wife, Reby Hardy.

Here’s what you need to know:

Massaro & Hardy Dated in 2005; Hardy Has Since Married & Has Two Children

Massaro and Hardy haven’t been together in a while, but that didn’t stop Hardy’s wife from coming after Massaro in 2018 when she brought up their former relationship. In November, Massaro tweeted, “Omgoodness so I’m going through my garage looking for old tax stuff (yea good times lol) n I find a box including one cd burned for me by from 2005 currently listening to it n had some really good music on it-only up to song 8 rn-hope he n his fam r doin amazing!”

Reby tweeted back at Massaro, “Last time we spoke I said I’d knock u on ya ass on sight & u wanna pop up with “hOpE ur fAm iS aMaziNg” like u think I forgot u tried to come over here w pills while I was out of town in ‘11 ? Bitch FOH. u may be running the Jesus gimmick these days but I don’t forget shit.”

Massaro then replied to Reby with the following tweet:
“Sit down Reby, was living in NY in 2011 n nowhere near NC-there was no ‘aw precious moments’ here-I simply stated I found a cd from 2005 Matt made frm BACK IN THE DAY! No nostalgia!Bless ur heart darlin’-Just u.getting rowdy.per usual.n ps knock my a$$ on site?BAHAHA ya ok-growup”

Massaro Was Also Linked to Paul London in 2008; They Also Worked Together for WWE

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In an interview in 2014, London acknowledged that he had a romantic relationship with Massaro for a period of time, but that they were no longer together.

London said in part,

“You know, relationships in any line of work are generally a lot of work…especially under such a stranglehold schedule that is wrestling business, um, you know, you’ll find that most wrestlers are either single or they have, like, five wives…relationships are very difficult, and without going into any detail, she’s an extremely, extremely nice girl, great head on her shoulders, and she has a massive amount of potential. But life can be stressful…I have no ill feelings whatsoever.”

Massaro Has Never Been Married; She Has One Daughter

Massaro gave birth to her only daughter, Alexa, in 2000. Massaro has never been married. Alexa is now 19 years old; she does make mention of her apparent father on Instagram, a man named Austin Fierstadt, a boxer who has gone by “The Cell King” in the past. However, Massaro has never publicly confirmed a relationship with Fierstadt.

Massaro left the WWE in 2008, citing her daughter’s health needs as the main reason for her departure. Alexa was seven years old at the time. Massaro didn’t provide any specific details, but she did write on her blog, “At this point when she is sick and needs me home, I have to make the decision to bow out of WWE for a while and take care of my daughter … I wish I could do both and that there were more ways to get everything done but with the severity of the situation I’m going to have to ask for an early release for now.”