Kaylie Juga: Kenosha Police Release Teenage Victim’s Name

kaylie juga

Facebook Kaylie Juga

Kaylie Juga was named by Kenosha police as the teenage victim in a horrific subdivision shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin that also left the 16-year-old girl’s mother wounded.

Authorities say the person of interest in the shooting is Martice Fuller, 15, also of Kenosha, who had a relationship with Kaylie, 16, who was pronounced dead at the scene. Both victims were shot at the Juga family home in the southeastern Wisconsin community.

Prosecutors allege that Martice Fuller had been expelled from school for stalking Kaylie. He’s now been charged with first-degree intentional homicide, among other charges.

Police now have Martice Fuller in custody; he had allegedly fled the scene. “At about 6:25 AM Martice Fuller was taken into custody without further incident by Kenosha Police Detectives in Racine, Wisconsin,” they wrote.

There is a GoFundMe account established to help the Juga family. You can find it here.

The Juga family.

“On May 9th 2019 the Juga family was the victim of senseless violence,” the GoFundMe page reads. “Their world was forever turned upside down with the loss of their beautiful daughter Kaylie. Stephanie was rushed to surgery and is stable but will need more surgeries before beginning the long process of recovery. Please join us in remembering the life of Kaylie Juga and supporting the recovery of Stephanie Juga. We have established this fund in an attempt to alleviate hospital, funeral costs and living expenses during recovery, as well as potentially raise funds for a scholarship or a donation to a charity/organization in Kaylie’s name. Any amount is greatly appreciated. There are so many people in our area and beyond that have been positively impacted by the Juga family. Let’s come together and show Nick, Steph, Tyler and Mason we have their back.”

Wrote a woman who donated in the comment thread: “God, bless this beautiful family and provide them physical and emotional healing. Bless the men for serving our country. ❤”

Kaylie Juga

A photo that Kaylie Juga posted on Twitter.

Juga posted repeatedly about Martice on social media, especially last fall. In September 2018, the Kenosha teen posted this video with Martice on Twitter.

According to pictures she posted on Twitter, at least at one time, Kaylie was a cheerleader and Fuller was a football player.

Kaylie had repeatedly expressed love for Fuller on social media, last year especially. “Always got you babyy?? love you forever ??” she wrote him on Twitter in September 2018. “Cheer up babyy , I got you ? let’s ride together forever my love?? I love you ?” she added. However, there are hints on social media of tension in the relationship even before the shootings.

Here’s what you need to know:

Police Say Martice Fuller ‘Had a Relationship With Kaylie’ & Should Be Considered Dangerous

martice fuller

Kenosha PoliceMartice Fuller

Police released the above photo of Martice Fuller because they wanted the public’s help in finding him. They say he fled the scene and is a person of interest in the double shooting.

Here’s what they wrote about his capture:

During the investigation Kenosha Police Detectives developed information that the person of interest in the shooting death of 16 year-old Kaylie Juga was at a Kenosha residence in the 6400 block of 22 Avenue. The Tactical Response Team served a warrant on the residence at about 4:00 AM. The person of interest was not located at that time and no physical evidence was recovered there.

Shortly thereafter, the Kenosha Police Department received a call from a person in Racine Wisconsin. The caller indicated that the person of interest was there and wanted to surrender. Detectives responded the 2000 block of Blake Avenue with Racine PD Officers. The subject was taken into custody without incident and was transported to Kenosha for questioning. The occupants of the home remained cooperative and a search was conducted at the residence. Physical evidence was recovered; however no firearm has been located. The investigation is ongoing; anyone with information about this incident should contact the Kenosha Police Detective Bureau at 262-605-5203. Those who wish to remain anonymous should call Kenosha Area Crime Stoppers at 262-656-7333.

Throughout the night police personnel maintained a presence at the crime scene and at the hospital where the second victim, 39 Year-old Stephanie Juga, was treated. Stephanie remains in stable, but serious condition.

Detectives anticipate referring charges on the suspect to the Kenosha County District Attorney’s Office for armed burglary, 1st degree intentional homicide, and attempted 1st degree intentional homicide as soon as Monday, May 13, 2019.

Authorities also released this picture of Fuller.

Kenosha police/FacebookMartice Fuller

Fuller’s Facebook page says he’s from Kenosha, lives in Kenosha and went to Mary D. Bradford High School; however, authorities say he didn’t go there anymore.

“The Kenosha County Medical Examiner’s Office has confirmed the identification of 16 year-old Kaylie Juga as the deceased victim. Kenosha Police Detectives are interviewing her family, including the second victim – her 39 year-old mother,” wrote police.

“The Kenosha Police Department needs the public’s help in locating Martice L. Fuller. Fuller had a relationship with Kaylie and is a person of interest in in the shooting death. Fuller fled the scene and his whereabouts are unknown. He may be armed with a firearm and is considered dangerous; do not attempt to confront Fuller. Please call the Kenosha Dispatch Center at 262-656-1234 (or) 911 if you see him. Detective Kenesie is the lead investigator; additional information about the investigation should be directed to 262-605-5203.”

However, as noted, police then located Fuller.

Both Kaylie & Her Mother Were Shot Inside the Home

The horrible tragedy unfolded on the afternoon of May 9, 2019, when police received a call that two people had been shot. It’s not clear who placed it.

Police said in a statement that, at about 3 p.m., the Kenosha Sheriff, Police, and Fire Department personnel “responded to a residence in the 10900 block of 66 Street, Kenosha WI, for a report of two people shot.”

Police discovered the teenage girl and mother inside the residence.

Once there, officers “located two victims, a 16 year-old female and a 39 year-old female, with injuries consistent with gun fire. Officers extracted both females from the residence in an effort to get them medical attention. Despite medical efforts the 16 year-old female died on scene; the 39 year-old female was transported to a local hospital and is in serious, but stable condition.”

Officers then “maintained a perimeter around the residence until Kenosha County Tactical Response Team was able to make entry. No other people were located inside. Detectives believe the suspect fled the immediate area. No information is available about the suspect at this time,” wrote the Kenosha police.

“The Kenosha Police Department Detective Bureau is leading the investigation. If anyone has information about the incident, please contact the Kenosha Police Department Detective Bureau at 262-605-5203. Those that wish to remain anonymous should call Kenosha Area Crime Stoppers at 262-656-7333.”

Kaylie Expressed Love for Martice on Twitter But Recently Wrote That People Shouldn’t Let Others Take Advantage of Them

On March 9, in a tweet she pinned to the top of her page, Kaylie wrote on Twitter, “Someone will continue to use you when they know they can take avantage (sic) of you because they know you will always be there for you no matter how they treat you , I promise you that person will use that for there advantage. Start having respect for yourself & don’t let that happen!”

There were also signs of trouble on social media. In July 2018, a female directed a comment at Martice, writing, “That’s really funny you say that because weren’t you just hanging out with (another female) yesterday??? kaylie deserves better.” In June Kaylie directed a tweet to Martice, writing, “I DIDNT DO ANYTHING!! Can never believe me I stg , that’s great can’t believe me . Sick and tired of this .”

Kaylie wrote Martice on Twitter in February: “Love you always ?.” In October 2018, she wrote him, “I believe in youuuu! I love youuu❤️.” She also wrote: “Stay strong !! I love you ?.”

She appeared to wish him well on the athletic field, writing, “Wishing my babyy the best today!! You got this babyy??? @martice_fuller I love you lotssss!”

In September 2018, she wrote, “Always so happy with you?? @martice_fuller.” His responses are not clear because his page is privatized.

Martice Fuller Was Enrolled in an eSchool in Kenosha

According to the police, Martice L. Fuller is “15 Years of Age; 6’02”, 160 pounds with black hair and brown eyes.”

Police released photos to the public showing Fuller “with various hair styles.”

Added police: “Martice Fuller was enrolled as an eSchool student in KUSD, and previously as a student Bradford and Indian Trails High Schools. The Kenosha Police Department is coordinating with KUSD Administration to ensure the safety of all KUSD students and to provide counseling to students.”

martice fuller

Martice Fuller.

Martice Fuller had been a high school athlete, according to his Facebook pictures and old posts from the Kenosha News, the local newspaper.

Martice Fuller has a Twitter page, but it’s privatized. “Athlete////Bradford WR/DB-QB #3/Kenosha,Wi •?“If you wanna Succeed as bad as you wanna breath you’ll make it..”Thank God for today??❤️LIFES A GAMBLE?..” the profile reads.

On LinkedIn, he wrote that he was a cashier for a local baseball club.

Stephanie Juga Wrote About Her Love for Kaylie on Facebook

Stephanie Juga’s Facebook page showcases her love for her daughter, Kaylie. She filled the page with pictures of her daughter and family, including her husband and other children. Not much is visible on Kaylie’s Facebook page other than a photo of cheerleaders, a picture with her mom, and pictures of herself.

“You’re beautiful,” commented a friend on one picture of Kaylie. Stephanie Juga is a photographer. Her biography page reads, in part, “Hello, My name is, Stephanie and I specialize in newborns, children, family, senior portraits and Weddings. I am a mother, to three beautiful children, who are the loves on my life and my inspiration for the love for photography. I am a Military wife, to my wonderful, supporting husband Nick of over fifteen years. I have always loved and been captivated by the beauty of photography.”

A neighbor, Kelly Petti, told Fox 6 Milwaukee: “I think it’s frightening we don’t have that around here. It’s very unusual activity and it kind of makes us feel unsafe.”