Report of ‘Shots Fired’ at Kansas State University


The Kansas State University sent out a campus-wide alert of ‘shots fired’ at the university’s foundation building late Thursday morning.

Just after 11 a.m. central time, the alert from the K-State Alerts system reported that KSU police officers were on the scene and people were advised to steer clear of the location. The alert also said people inside the building should “shelter in place.”

Within 30 minutes of the “shots fired” alert, campus security sent a second message to the campus community:

“Scene is safe. No injuries reported. Avoid area to allow officers to investigate the incident. Foundation staff can resume normal work.”

KSU student journalists provided early reports.

Journalism student and investigations editor for the K-State Collegian, Rafael Garcia, tweeted that the “Campus is flowing as normal, albeit with more students walking with their phones out than usual, after reports of shots fired near the K-State Foundation building. The situation seems to be isolated to that area.”

Another student journalist was reporting live.

Some reported that the “shots fired” incident may have been a “road rage” incident.

“KSU was just put on lockdown for an active shooter. Not knowing the details of the situation was terrifying. Thankfully Chloe and I were nowhere close to the part of campus the shots were fired. This is absolutely unacceptable.”

Given the recent spate of deadly shootings on college and secondary school campuses, students were unnerved.

“Fortunately just saw KSU give the all clear but definitely was freaked out for a bit there. ?”

The Riley County Police Department is investigating.

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