Nancy Bucciarelli Pushed Her Dog Into a Lake: Police

nancy bucciarelli

Facebook Nancy Bucciarelli is a New Hampshire woman accused of pushing her dog into a lake and watching the animal drown.

Nancy Bucciarelli, a 66-year-old New Hampshire woman, is accused of pushing her golden labrador retriever dog named Bailey into a lake and “watching it drown.”

Now Bucciarelli is facing animal cruelty charges and the wrath of dog lovers throughout the United States. The social media reaction to the accusations against Bucciarelli was so intense that Merrimack Police urged people to show restraint when reacting.

Nancy Bucciarelli

Nancy Bucciarelli

“It is a sad story. It’s unconscionable to think what this defendant is charged with,” said Merrimack police Chief Denise Roy to WMUR-TV.

Here’s what you need to know

1. Nancy Bucciarelli Is Accused of Pushing the Old & Winded Dog From a Dock

A photo on Nancy Bucciarelli’s Facebook page.

The accusations are awful and disturbing. According to CNN, Bucciarelli is accused of taking the 11-year-old dog to Wasserman Park in Merrimack, New Hampshire’s Naticook Lake on June 8. She is accused by police of “pushing it from a dock where it struggled to swim and eventually drowned,” CNN reported.

Nancy Bucciarelli

Nancy Bucciarelli

According to the Washington Times, other people tried to save the animal, but it was too late.

Boston25 reported that Nancy Bucciarelli is accused of not doing anything to save the struggling animal. The television station reported that the dog was described as old and winded before it drowned in 3.5 feet of water.

“The witnesses actually are the ones who jumped into the water to find the dog under the water and pull the dog out. They made every attempt to revive the dog, but unfortunately the dog did die,” Roy said to WMUR.

2. Bucciarelli Posted About Animal Cruelty on Facebook

On Facebook, Bucciarelli’s cover photo is a cat.

In March 2019, she shared a story by CBS News that reported, “Two members of the U.S. House of Representatives re-introduced a bill last week that would make malicious acts of animal cruelty a felony nationwide. A person convicted of the crime could face a fine or up to seven years in prison, or both.” She is facing a misdemeanor charge.

She also shared a photo of her dog lying on a deck with ducks while she appeared to read a John Grisham novel. She shared a graphic showing a different dog that read, “I found the key to happiness. Surround yourself with animals and stay away from idiots.”

3. Bucciarelli, Who Wrote That She Owns a Glass Company, Is a Trump Supporter Who Wore Socks With the President’s Face

Nancy Bucciarelli

Nancy Bucciarelli

“Got my Trump socks on for voting day!!!!!! Gooooo Trump!!!!” Bucciarelli wrote on November 8, 2016, showing off a pair of socks that featured the president’s face – and hair.

On LinkedIn, Bucciarelli defines herself as the “owner at B&C Glass Co. Inc.” from Hudson, New Hampshire in the field of “Construction.”

She also wrote that she was the president of the company. The business’s Facebook page explains that it “is a supplier and fitter of high quality UPVC and Aluminium Frames, double glazed units and other bespoke glass products.”

She shared a photo on Facebook showing Barbara Bush and wrote, “I have had this wonderful picture, taken at my sister’s house, hanging in our office for more years than I can remember. It seems like it was just yesterday….. but sadly the other three people in this picture are now gone….most recently Mrs. Bush. I am gifted to have had these wonderful people in my life … thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Her most recent visible post on Facebook trashes Democrats saying, “Democrats have outright stated that they will obstruct everything the Republican president does, even if it means harming America. They have put party before country and it is UNACCEPTABLE.”

On May 3, she shared a graphic that read, “I wonder which mistake I’m going to try to learn from today.”

4. Bucciarelli Is a Mother Who Frequently Shared Photos Showing Her Baking & of Her Backyard

A photo on Nancy Bucciarelli’s Facebook page/

Bucciarelli frequently shared family photos on Facebook.

“Enjoying a wonderful dinner with my daughter…She is so busy right now … it is a joy to spend the evening together!” she wrote with one photo.

She also shared photos of her backyard, making doughnuts and other innocuous pursuits, writing, “Once a year fir about 2 weeks my weeping cherry is so pretty….. even though it is a dreary day today it is such a pretty sight when I look in the back yard!?”

5. Angry Dog Lovers Have Unloaded on Nancy Bucciarelli’s Facebook Page

Nancy Bucciarelli

Nancy Bucciarelli

People didn’t hold back on Nancy Bucciarelli’s Facebook page, unloading on her in the strongest of terms possible. Some examples:

“If only your dog could have stayed away from the biggest idiot of all – YOU.”

“This makes me sick!?”

“I hope you get prison time. Nobody likes people who hurt animals. I’m sure you’ll make lots of new friends behind bars.”

“This dog trusted and loved you!!!!! ?”

Police asked the public to use restraint when commenting on social media.

“On Friday June 14, 2019, Merrimack Police arrested a local woman on charges of Cruelty to Animals. Although this charge is disturbing, we are asking the community to use restraint when commenting on social media,” wrote Denise I. Roy, chief of police. “We are imploring the public to allow the justice system to work and to refrain from comments which are cruel in nature. We teach our children to not bully and some of the comments contradict what we teach. Please set an example for everyone. Thank you for your understanding.”