Reports: Dallas Fire Rescue Says Crane Collapse Kills 1, Injures 6 [VIDEO & PHOTOS]

During a severe thunderstorm, a crane collapsed in Dallas killing one and injuring 7, two critically, local media is reporting Dallas Fire Rescue confirmed. The crane fell onto an Old East Dallas apartment building, it’s reported. It’s not been confirmed that the construction crane collapse was a result of the severe weather, but the storms were accompanied by 60 MPH winds, according to weather reports.

“…from an eyewitness at the apartment complex on the east side of the Dallas skyline badly damaged by a falling crane in this afternoon’s severe thunderstorm.

“Sad update from Dallas Fire Rescue: 1 dead, 2 critically injured, several others seriously injured after construction crane crashed thru apartment building near downtown #Dallas. Rescuers don’t know if any victims inside garage where multiple levels collapsed.”

The Dallas Morning News reported that as “storms pummeled parts of North Texas,” the crane came down on a parking garage and the Elan City Lights apartments. Fire and rescue crews “found a woman inside an apartment after the crane crashed into the east side of the building,” the paper reported Dallas Fire-Rescue spokesman Jason Evans said. The woman, who has yet to be named, She was later pronounced dead.

CBS News Dallas-Fort Worth had just reported that “Storm damage being reported throughout North Texas, especially in Dallas. A crane could be seen toppled onto the Elan City Lights apartments in downtown Dallas.”

Moments later, video from the crane collapse began showing up on social media.

As posted to Twitter by local media, video shows the “inside the apartment building. The crane fell through the parking garage. Woman who shot this says her neighbor broke his neck.”

“2 hospitalized after crane collapses into Old East Dallas apartment building amid strong storms”

“Crane blew down into Elan City lights apartments and no mention about any of this on any channels. Kind of weird. People are trapped”

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