Aaron Zebley Represented Clinton Aide Justin Cooper: Is Zebley Republican or Democrat?

House Judiciary Committee Aaron Zebley is seated with Robert Mueller today.

When it was announced that Aaron Zebley would be with Robert Mueller during the hearings today, President Donald Trump tweeted angrily about the news. He said that Zebley was a “Never Trumper” who represented Hillary Clinton’s “basement server guy.” In fact, Zebley did represent Clinton aide Justin Cooper. But Zebley’s personal politics, such as whether he’s a Republican or Democrat, aren’t known.

Aaron Zebley Represented Justin Cooper, Who Set Up Hillary Clinton’s Email Server

Aaron Zebley, a cybersecurity expert and an attorney, represented Hillary Clinton’s aide, Justin Cooper, from 2015-2016. Cooper played a role in setting up and managing Clinton’s private email server, CNN reported.

Cooper testified about Clinton’s server before a House Oversight Committee in September 2016, when three other witnesses who were also invited to testify invoked the right not to incriminate themselves.

Cooper was a White House aide to President Bill Clinton. He was also the person who purchased Hillary Clinton’s first server, registered the clintonemail.com domain, and he helped set up Hillary Clinton’s mobile communications, ABC News reported.

In the video below, you can see Chaffetz beginning a Q&A with Cooper:

Chairman Chaffetz Q&A – Examining Preservation of State Department RecordsLearn more at Oversight.House.Gov2016-09-13T15:06:57.000Z

FBI records note that “Cooper did recall two instances where he destroyed Clinton’s old mobile devices by breaking them in half or hitting them with a hammer.”

This short minute-long video shows Chaffetz discussing setting up Clinton’s email server with Cooper:

Chairman Chaffetz on Setting up Clinton's Email ServerLearn more at Oversight.House.Gov2016-09-13T15:35:03.000Z

Here, Rep. Hurd asks Cooper questions about his work on the server, including possible hacks to the server:

Rep Hurd – Examining Preservation of State Department RecordsLearn more at Oversight.House.Gov2016-09-13T15:57:21.000Z

Next, Rep. Palmer questions Cooper about the server and missing emails, along with Clinton’s use of mobile technology:

Rep. Palmer – Examining Preservation of State Department RecordsLearn more at Oversight.House.Gov2016-09-13T16:02:44.000Z

This video shows Rep. Meadows questioning Cooper about topics such as push technology:

Examining Preservation of State Department RecordsLearn more at Oversight.House.Gov2016-09-13T16:23:11.000Z

Zebley’s Political Affiliation Isn’t Known


As to whether Zebley’s a Republican or Democrat, that simply isn’t known. According to Politifact, he’s registered to vote but doesn’t have a listed party affiliation. Trump once tweeted that Robert Mueller’s investigation team consisted of “13 hardened Democrats,” but Zebley doesn’t have any known party affiliation.

Zebley also has no listed contributions to campaigns, according to the FEC. It seems that Zebley has worked hard at keeping his political affiliations quiet.

He was known as a cybersecurity expert before joining Mueller’s team and he was also heavily involved in counterintelligence for terrorism cases. He once testified about a case involving a suspected 9/11 hijacker and he worked on catching the terrorist responsible for Embassy bombings in 1998.

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