California Earthquake Tonight: Photos & Videos [July 5]


A second earthquake hit California at about 9 p.m. July 5, with a magnitude of 7.1.

Reports say the earthquake’s center was near Ridgecrest and felt in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Some were at a Los Angeles Dodgers game when the earthquake hit, or at a Pelicans Summer League Game against the New York Knicks. Many were at a Shawn Mendez concert. Others were on Facebook live. Still others were on the Millennium Falcon at Disneyland.

The earthquake caused a rock slide on Highway 178 and appeared to seriously damage the highway. The road was closed between Bakersfield and Lake Isabella.

Several fires also ignited after the fire. A large fire broke out in a mobile home park.

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Here’s what you need to know:

Some Reacted Live On Camera When the Earthquake Started

Broadcast journalists on CBS LA felt and reacted to the quake. A reporter gripped her colleague’s arm before saying they needed to duck under the desk.

One woman was on Facebook Live when the earthquake started. (Be aware that the video includes profanity.)

A group of people (and their dogs) reacted live on camera when they felt the earthquake and debated what to do next.

Concerts, Games and Disneyland Crowds Hit By Quake

Another person shared a video from a Pelicans Summer League game against the New York Knicks.

Another person shared photos from inside her home with a local news station, which showed toppled furniture, clothing racks and broken glass. She told the news station she was cut.

The Los Angeles Dodgers continued playing baseball through the quake.

A local reporter who was at the game said they could feel the quake strongly high up in the stands, and some people ran from their seats.

An announcer at the Los Angeles Dodgers game questioned how the players couldn’t feel the earthquake.

A video from an anime expo showed the floor rocking at a hotel and a crowd of people turning toward a blaring fire alarm.

One video showed a horde of people evacuating the Millenium Falcon at Disneyland.

One person shared a video from inside the Millennium Falcon.

A reporter at a Shawn Mendes concert wrote, “Panic at Shawn Mendes show after earthquake, not sure if front rows were evacuated or scared guests bolted. Set pieces and overhead equipment all shook up.” He shared a video of a large sign rocking from the ceiling, and a large crowd of people who seemed unsure what to do.

Another person at the same concert wrote the area in front of the stage was evacuated. “THEY EVACUATED THE FRONT FLOOR BC WERE ALL STANDING UNDER SWINGING EQUIPMENT I AM SICK,” she wrote.

Earthquake Causes Rock Slide, Fires and Other Damage

A Los Angeles Times photojournalist captured images of mothers and fathers running out of their apartments and into the streets with their babies.

A reporter shared a video of a large mobile home fire in Ridgecrest that started after the earthquake.

A rock slide was reported on Highway 178 between Bakersfield and Lake Isabella. That portion of the highway was closed.

Another photo showed a large portion of road sunken several inches. It wasn’t immediately clear what road was pictured.

A reporter later shared the picture along with several others, saying the road was part of Highway 178 in Trona.

A video from a restaurant in the “highest building in the Coachella valley” showed light fixtures shaking violently as a few people screamed in the background. Later reports said the video was from Morongo Casino in Cabazon.

The earthquake caused multiple fires, including this one in Ridgecrest.

Airport passengers were told to stand on a jet way in Ontario, California, a video shows. The airport was later closed.

One person in Bakersfield filmed water sloshing out of one corner of a pool.

A person in Las Vegas shared a video of the earthquake creating waves in a pool.

Comedian Connor Malbeuf shared a video of his light fixture rocking violently from the ceiling in what appears to be a high-rise apartment. “YO ANOTHER EARTHQUAKE IN LA WHAT IS HAPPENING,” he wrote.

Photos from McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas showed workers apparently cleaning glass that fell from the ceiling.

Another person shared a video of the damage at the airport.

Another video showed water violently sloshing out of a pool in Ridgecrest.

Another person shared a photo of a huge crack in the earth.

Another photo showed a tilted mobile home.

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