Melania Trump & Justin Trudeau: Photos, Memes & Jokes

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Getty Melania Trump and Justin Trudeau kissing.

Melania Trump gave Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a lot of attention at the G7 Summit. World leaders gathered to talk about important stuff, but the American First Lady’s ogling of the Canadian PM got a lot of the attention.

You can see photos and memes from the moment through this article. Of course, in France, it’s not uncommon to greet someone with a peck to the cheek, but maybe it was the look Melania gave Justin that sent the jokes raging.

The First Lady made a dramatic statement in a red Alexander McQueen sheath dress. She also spent time with Brigitte Macron and tasting wine at the summit. “I can confirm that the first lady loved your French wine. She loved your French wine. So thank you very much,” President Trump told reporters.

Of course, Trudeau is a lot closer to the first lady’s age. In case you’re wondering, Trudeau is 47, Melania Trump is 49, and Donald Trump is 73. Trudeau is known for his boyish good looks, and she’s a former model. Perfect.

The G7 Summit of world leaders is being held in France. Even the Russian organization RT got into the Melania loves Justin joking game, writing, “Everyone should find someone who looks at them the way Melania looks at Justin #Trudeau?” Making the photo more hilarious, Donald Trump is looking down, seemingly unaware of his wife’s fleeting fixation on the man next to him.

Some people defended Melania, pointing out that other well-known women, including Ivanka Trump, have seemed pretty entranced by the PM’s looks.

Also in fairness, the video is less incriminating, and Brigitte Macron kissed Donald Trump too, but no one made memes of that (but watch Melania play with her hair after the Trudeau kiss.) Melania and Donald Trump were holding hands during the moment, but lots of people didn’t notice that.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Jokes Flew After the Melania Photos With Trudeau Went Viral

The Internet filled with memes and jokes after the Melania Trump pictures with Justin Trudeau circulated. “Trump cheated on Melania with a porn star after she had given birth. Get your flirt on Melania lol,” wrote one woman on Twitter. The hashtag #MelaniaLovesTrudeau trended.

Here are some of the other Twitter comments on the moment:

“Looks like Justin Trudeau found Melania’s G7-spot.”

“Melania is giving Trudeau the same lustful look that she gave to Donald Trump’s money the first time she saw it.”

“Looks like even Melania is thinking of an escape plan to Canada #MelaniaLovesTrudeau.”

“I wish I was a bigger person and didn’t like this so much.”

“Melania looks at Trudeau the same way @POTUS looks at Putin.”

“@realDonaldTrump is going to hit Canada so hard with tariffs because Melania dreamily kissed Justin Trudeau.”

Body language expert Patti Wood told InStyle, “She’s looking with pleasure — It’s a delight to kiss you. I desire it. Her offering up, the way her neck is arched up, the way her mouth is placed up, the lips are partially pursed for the kiss, plus the look — there’s a reason that some people have made this into a romantic novel cover, because if that was just from the shoulders up, it would look like a romantic. The body language is that of a romantic kiss.”

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