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Nada Marcinkova is a 33-year-old pilot and businesswoman who may have been victimized by Jeffrey Epstein and kept as his sex slave. Epstein was a wealthy financier and convicted sex offender arrested last July on federal charges of sex trafficking involving underage girls in New York and Florida. It’s believed Epstein died by suicide on August 10.

In 2005, an unidentified girl recruited to have sex with Epstein told Palm Beach County Detective Joseph Recarey the multimillionaire bragged about buying Marcinkova as a teen from her family in Eastern Europe. He went on to call her his sex slave.

Now living in New York, Marcinkova has been repeatedly named as an Epstein protege who procured underage girls for her boss and pressured them to have sex. According to the 2005 Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office investigation, the teen gave Recarey a detailed account of how she was paid to have oral sex with Marcinkova, who she described as “Epstein’s assistant.” This later escalated to threesomes and orgies. The girl shared with Recary that she regularly visited Epstein’s Palm Beach home and that the sexual encounters between Epstein, Marcinkova and herself “became a ritual.”

The girl said she would go to the house and make her way upstairs, where Epstein and Marcinkova would be laying on the bed waiting for her. After undressing, she and Marcinkova would begin kissing and touching each other and having oral sex while Epstein watched.

In 2007, Marcinkova was named as a co-conspirator for her involvement in Epstein’s sex-trafficking operation but invoked the Fifth Amendment when questioned by investigators. She was eventually given immunity as part of Epstein’s non-prosecution agreement.

After leaving the troubled world of Jeffrey Epstein behind, Nada Marcinkova changed her name to Nadia Marcinko.

Here’s what you need to know about Nada Marcinkova.

1. Marcinkova Came to the U.S. When she was 14 Years Old

Marcinkova was born in 1986, in what is now Slovakia. Marcinkova said she was discovered by a modeling agency and arrived in the United States in 2000 to start her modeling career.

Marcinkova’s LinkedIn page shows that she modeled from 2001-2011. Her website reveals her career “evolved from marketing, through high fashion modeling to aviation.”

Maritza Vasquez, the bookkeeper for Epstein’s MC2 Modeling agency disputes that claim. Tasked with obtaining visas for Epstein’s foreign models, Vasquez said she received an angry call from Epstein when then 14-year-old Marcinkova’s application ran into a snag.

“That girl never work, she was never a model. She was living in his place but she disappear,” Vasquez said a co-worker who’d filed the application told her. “She never actually even worked as a model.”

2. Marcinkova Took Flight Lessons to Overcome her Fear of Flying

In a 2013 story by Plane and Pilot, Marcinkova revealed that as a model, traveling by plane made her anxious. To help overcome her fears, she reached out to a pilot friend to ask about taking an introductory flying lesson. He encouraged her to take her initial flight lesson at the Lantana airport in Palm Beach County, Florida. That was it!” says Marcinko.

“I fell in love with flying right there, and dove right into lessons.” Marcinkova took 3-4 lessons per week in Florida, then went to Santa Fe, New Mexico for more advanced aviation training, intending to become a corporate pilot.

Describing her career as moving “from runway to runway,” she became a licensed flight instructor and Airline Transport Pilot (ATP), rated on Gulfstream II, III, IV and Boeing 737, 747, 757, 767 aircraft.

3. Marcinkova Founded the Aviation Company Aviloop

One of Aviloop’s “Deal Attendants.”

In 2011, Marcinkova founded Aviloop, a marketing company based in New York City that offers collective-buying aviation-related group discounts and promotions. Aviation fans can get deals on flight lessons, apparel, and accessories.

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Aviloop has a series of promotional YouTube videos, with young women dressed in short blue and white uniforms, with matching scarves, gloves, and pilot’s hats calling themselves “deal attendants.”

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“Whether you want to learn to fly, charter an airplane or just see more girls like me, Aviloop can help.” “Get ready to fly big boy airplanes,” one deal attendant said. Another deal attendant selling flight lessons encourages viewers to “channel their inner Top Gun,” adding that “clearly, your attractiveness increases with every flight under your belt.”

4. Aviloop is Located in a Building Tied to Jeffrey & Mark Epstein

Aviloop’s business records show that the company is run out of an apartment complex located at 301 E. 66th Street on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The address has ties to Ossa Properties, a real estate firm owned by Jeffrey Epstein’s brother, Mark.
According to Business Insider, the 199-unit, the 16-floor property was home to many of Epstein’s girlfriends, business associates and employees.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak was also a regular visitor to the apartment complex.

Jean-Luc Brunel, Epstein’s business partner from their modeling agency MC2 lived there, as did Epstein’s ex-girlfriend Eva Andersson. He used two one-bedroom apartments to house his pilots when he had layovers in New York.

The 66th St. property also served as the living quarters for Epstein’s many underage models. “There is not only one girl. There is not only one apartment. I believe there were like, two or three apartments. And they were put in between four girls per apartment,” Vasquez divulged in a 2010 sworn deposition.

Aviloop’s website does not provide a company address or phone number, asking that anyone requesting further information message the firm through Marcinkova’s LinkedIn page, where she is listed as Nadia Marcinko.

5. Marcinkova Uses the Name “Global Girl” on Social Media

In addition to Aviloop, Marcinkova was active promoting herself and her business on social media. She originally created a blog using the name “Gulfstream Girl” in honor of the planes she piloted.

“Being a fashion model who became a jet pilot is something different,” she explained. “Maybe it will inspire other girls to become pilots.”

In 2013, Forbes reported that “Gulfstream Girl” racked up 77,000 Facebook likes in 18 months and compared it to Gulfstream Aerospace’s 18,000. Forbes described Marckinkova’s “Gulfstream Girl” social media presence as “a role model and a cheerleader for general aviation.”

Forbes may have been impressed with Marcinkova’s popularity, but Gulfstream Aerospace slapped her with a trademark infringement lawsuit. The lawsuit was settled in 2014 when Marcinkova agreed to change her pseudonym to “Global Girl.” Most of Marcinkova’s social media has either been deleted or made private.

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