Scottie Chapman: Where Is the Former ‘Mythbusters’ Host?

Where is Scottie Chapman now in 2019

Facebook/Scottie Chapman Scottie Chapman pictured on his Facebook page on July 4.

Scottie Chapman was a guest builder on “Mythbusters” from 2004 until 2007. Following her departure, Chapman, 48, went back to school and attained a degree in dental hygiene. The Discovery Channel published an article on their homepage in December 2016 saying that Chapman had begun a career as a dental hygienist in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Chapman Was Replaced by Grant Imahara on the Show

Mythbusters – Scottie Chapman – Hot Chilli WomanA Mythbusters music video dedicated to the brains, beauty and body art of Scottie Chapman. Since WMG pissed on my first one, I re-ordered the clips and added some new bits. The original is still available as a torrent, so WMG can kiss my arse. Video created using VirtualDub and Sony Vegas. And BT is…2009-03-20T14:37:30.000Z

Chapman joined the show in the first season, along with Kari Byron and Tory Belleci. The trio was given an increased presence in the second season where they busted their own myths. Chapman left the show in the third season and was replaced by Grant Imahara.

Later, one of the show’s original hosts Jamie Hyneman told “Access Hollywood” in an interview that the show was better because of strained relationships. Hyneman said, “We get on each other’s nerves and everything all the time, but whenever that happens, we say so and we deal with it and move on. There are times that we really dislike dealing with each other, but we make it work.”

Chapman Appeared in 24 Episodes of ‘Mythbusters’

Scottie Chapman Montage – 1explodes2007-03-28T04:32:15.000Z

According to Chapman’s IMDb page, she appeared in 24 episodes of the hit Discovery Channel show. Chapman also appeared on multiple episodes of other Discovery shows, “Monster Garage” and “Beyond Tomorrow.”

Chapman Has a Son & a Daughter

On her now-deleted Discovery Channel biography page, it says that Chapman is a native of Virginia Beach, Virginia, but grew up in rural Maryland. Chapman now has two children, a son and a daughter.

Other Career Undertaken by Chapman Include Video Games Tester & High School Metal Fabrication Teacher

The bio refers to Chapman as the “mistress of metal” saying that she had training in welding, machining and metal fabrication. The profile also says that Chapman was a former horse trainer, video-game tester and graveyard-plot telemarketer. While also having experience in set-building, carpentry, model-making and architectural restoration.”

Scottie Chapman Montage – 2Is she hotter than Kari?2007-04-22T01:23:43.000Z

Chapman has taught high school metal fabrication and has studied special-effects make-up. If that was not enough, Chapman was also a bass guitarist with the band, Wizards of Ozzie, a group that’s described as performing “lounge” covers of Black Sabbath songs. Chapman says that she is also a skilled belly and fire dancer. The profile finishes with the lines, “Beyond all that, Scottie really loves getting behind the wheel of her 1973 Lincoln Mark IV race car and competing in full-contact auto races.”

Scottie Chapman Montage – 4Scottie Chapman Montage2007-05-26T04:51:18.000Z

Chapman studied at Diablo Valley College between 2011 and 2013 in Contra Costa County, California, according to her LinkedIn page. Since then, Chapman has worked for dentists in Maryland and in the San Francisco-area.

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