El Paso Walmart Shooting Victims: Photos & Tributes

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Facebook Walmart shooting victims Arturo Benavides (l) and Jordan Anchondo

Jordan Anchondo, a mother of three credited with saving the life of her infant son, was the first deceased victim named in the horrific Walmart shooting in El Paso, Texas, that took the lives of at least 20 people and wounded another 26.

Her sister, Leta Jamrowski, confirmed to the Associated Press that Anchondo, 25, had died in the horrific attack. She was shopping for back-to-school supplies, according to AP. Her husband, Andre Anchondo, has now been confirmed as one of the deceased victims also, The New York Times reports.

Javier Rodriguez, 15, was named as the youngest victims.

Tributes, names, and photos for each of the victims are being added to this post as they are known. The victims ranged in age from a 2-year-old child to an 82-year-old. The family of 67-year-old Arturo Benavides was later identified Benavides as another victim, according to KTSM. He is an Army veteran and former bus driver.

Names and photos of the six Mexican nationals killed in the attack were also released. One of those killed was a local school principal.

The Texas governor said in a news conference that 20 people died in the shooting, and more than two dozen were injured. “We as a state unite in support of the victims and their family members,” Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said. “We want to do all we can to assist them.” An infant is among the dead.

Authorities are investigating a possible manifesto tied to the shooter. Whether there is a hate crime motive is also under investigation. The manifesto rants about immigration and politics. Authorities are still working to definitively authenticate it, however.

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GettyThe scene after the Walmart shooting.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that three of the deceased victims are Mexican citizens, and six of the wounded are Mexican citizens. Three of those wounded were named by Mexican officials as 45-year-old Mario de Alba Montes, 44-year-old Olivia Mariscal Rodríguez and 10-year-old Erika de Alba Mariscal. “I regret the events in El Paso, Texas, neighboring town and brother of Ciudad Juarez and our nation,” he said on Twitter. “I send my condolences to the families of the victims, both American and Mexican.”

The governor called the shooting “one of the most deadly days in the history of Texas” and added that “Twenty innocent people from El Paso have lost their lives.” The FBI is involved in the investigation.

“We’re in shock over the tragic events at Cielo Vista Mall in El Paso, where store 2201 & club 6502 are located. We’re praying for the victims, the community & our associates, as well as the first responders. We’re working closely with law enforcement & will update as appropriate,” Walmart wrote on Twitter.

Here are tributes to each victim as they are named:

Jordan Anchondo & Andre Anchondo

 Jordan Anchondo

Jordan Anchondo

According to the Associated Press, Jordan Jamrowski Anchondo died while trying to protect her infant son and “fell on him as she was shot.” The boy has broken bones but survived.

Jamrowski, Jordan’s sister, told AP that the child “pretty much lived because she gave her life.” On Facebook, she wrote that she was married and from El Paso. Jordan filled her page with photos of her husband and children. She was married in on July 30, 2018, to Andre Anchondo.

Her sister told The New York Times that her brother-in-law, Andre Anchondo, was also at the Walmart and remains missing. “They said that if he were alive, more than likely he would have gotten in contact by now,” Jamrowski told the newspaper.

Jordan Anchondo

Jordan Anchondo

It was later confirmed that Andre had also died. On his Facebook page, Andre wrote, “Proud husband and Father. July 30 2018 ???God is my savior. ?? born and raised.?️‍♂️♋” and said he was “Owner, Professional Painter, Professional Bodyman. at Colormaster Auto Body Shop” and had “studied at UTEP – The University of Texas at El Paso.” He went to Franklin High School in El Paso.

“From the baby’s injuries, they said that more than likely my sister was trying to shield him,” the sister said, according to News Observer. “So when she got shot she was holding him and she fell on him, so that’s why he broke some of his bones. So he pretty much lived because she gave her life.”

Along with her son, Anchondo is survived by two young daughters.

jordan jamrowski anchondo

Jordan Jamrowski Anchondo.

Anchondo’s friend, Mary Baltazar, wrote on Facebook that she was supposed to hang out with her and another friend Saturday night. “I literally can’t comprehend what happened today,” she wrote. “Now you’re gone and it just feels so unreal. You were a great friend and even better mother and it only makes sense you died protecting baby Paul. You didn’t deserve this and will be greatly missed. RIP.”

Another friend, Cindy Gomez, wrote on Facebook, “Our beautiful Jordan Jamrowski. You were an amazing woman, mother, wife and friend. From coworkers to best friends, you will forever be in our hearts. This is truly a big heartbreak and definitely hard to wrap my head around. So unbelievable. I thank you for your friendship and love. Mary Baltazar and I will forever cherish our memories with you along with everyone else who knew you. I pray for your missing husband, hurting family and for your children. May you rest peacefully our new angel ❤️”

Gomez added, “My beautiful Jordan. Your heroic act shows just how much of an amazing mother you were. Your unconditional love for your children has always been so amazing and this is nothing short of what you would do for them.”

Arturo Benavides

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At first, the family of Benavides, 67, reported that he was missing. Then, came the heartbreaking update, per KTSM: “Thank you everyone, we just got news that he passed away.”

The television station said he was shopping at the Walmart with his wife. Jacklin Luna described her uncle to Buzzfeed as “a strong-willed, caring, giving, and special person.” SHe said he was an Army veteran who worked as a bus driver.

Sara Esther Regalado, Adolfo Cerros Hernández Aguascalientes, Jorge Calvillo García, Elsa Mendoza de la Mora, Gloria Irma Márquez Juárez, and María Eugenia Legarreta Rothe

Mexican officials have now released the names of the Mexican citizens who died in the attack.

“Our condolences to Mexicans who died in El Paso: 1. Sara Esther Regalado Cd. Juárez, CHIH. 2. Adolfo Cerros Hernández Aguascalientes, AGS. 3. Jorge Calvillo García. Torreón, COAH. 4. Elsa Mendoza de la Mora. Yepomera, CHIH. 5. Gloria Irma Márquez Juárez, CHIH,” they wrote.

They added: “There is a sixth victim still in the process of identification. We will continue to inform.” However, the sixth victim was then named as María Eugenia Legarreta Rothe.

Elsa Mendoza de la Mora was a teacher in Ciudad Juarez and principal of Rafael Veloz Elementary. “She was going with her husband and her son, but they stayed in the car waiting for her,” an Elsa sister told El Diario de Juárez.

Angie Englisbee

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Englisbee was 86-years-old. Her family last spoke to her when she was in line at the Walmart checkout.

She was born in Santa Fe. Her sister told the Santa Fe New Mexican: “She was so smart.” She was a widow with seven children. Her niece told the newspaper, “She was a kind-hearted, joyful woman who had a happy life.”

Javier Rodriguez

“We are deeply saddened to learn of the loss of one of our students. Our heartfelt condolences and prayers are with his parents and family,” wrote Clint School District on Twitter. “School counselors are available to support and comfort our students and staff.#WEARECLINTISD #WEAREELPASOSTRONG.” There is a GoFundMe for his family.

Rodriguez was only 15 and was described as loving soccer. A friend wrote on Twitter before Rodriguez was named as a victim, “Has anyone hear of a 15 yr old boy named Javier Rodriguez he was shopping with his uncle when his uncle was shot pls help find him.”

Juan Velazquez

According to KTSM, Velazquez, and his wife, Nicholasa Velazquez, who are both grandparents, were shot when they parked their car at the Walmart. Juan Velazquez died, but his wife survived the attack.

Daisy Fuentes, their granddaughter, told the television station, “So they had already been shot when my grandma called my mom, and they were just crying telling us that it hurt where they shot them at, it hurt. My mom was just trying to tell her to stay calm, to just breathe and my grandma just told my mom to call the ambulance because they weren’t coming fast enough.”

Leo Campos & Maribel Herndandez

Leo and Maribel Campos were husband and wife. According to KTSM, both died in the shooting. They were parents. The Pharr-San Juan -Alamo Independent School District confirmed the deathsin a news release.

“The PSJA Family is sad to hear reports of the loss of one of our own, PSJA High School Class of 1996 Alum Leonardo Campos, Jr., during yesterday’s tragic shooting in El Paso,” the release said. “Reports indicate his wife was also a victim.” He was described as a great athlete in high school to the Monitor.

Fox 14 journalist Robert Holguin wrote on Twitter, “Leo Campos and Maribel Hernandez went to Walmart after taking their dog to a groomer. Hernandez’s brother said they knew something was wrong when the groomer called saying they had not returned. His brother said police notified them on Sunday that both had died.”

David Johnson

According to KFox, 63-year-old David Johnson was also killed. “He was a father, husband, uncle and grandpa. His niece said he protected his wife and 9-year-old granddaughter,” the station reported.

Maria Madera wrote in a Facebook tribute to Johnson: “David Johnson. 7/10/1956-8/3/2019
Father, husband, grandpa, and HERO.
My uncle was one of the 20 victims in the Walmart Massacre.
He was a hero to my family.
My uncle hid his wife, and their 9 year old granddaughter.
He was surrounded by 3 gun shells.
That could have been 1 each for him, my aunt, and my niece.
He protected them from that murderer. And worked as a shield. If he hadn’t have been there they wouldn’t have made it.
We all cry for your loss, but we are grateful to still have my aunt Kathy and Katie. Thank you for saving them. I love you and I know you’re with your parents in heaven. ?

As noted, tributes and photos are being added to this post for each victim as the victims are named.

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