Jessica Nesbitt aka Madame Priscilla Belle: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jessica Nesbitt aka Madame Priscilla Bell

Kink Extraordinaires Jessica Nesbitt aka Madame Priscilla Bell pictured in an advertisement on the Kink Extraordinaires website.

Jessica Nesbitt aka Madame Priscilla Belle ran high-priced brothel known as Kink Extraordinaires out of Chicago, federal prosecutors say.

Nesbitt, 31, ran the brothel in Illinois, but her business spread across the United States, according to the 23-page indictment that was unsealed on September 18.

Feds say that Nesbitt’s business expanded to California, Florida, Washington D.C., Indiana, Wisconsin and Nevada. Nesbitt is accused in the indictment of traveling to Miami, Florida, Las Vegas and to Wisconsin to “engage in acts of prostitution.” The business is accused of being in operation since September 2010, when Nesbitt would have been 22 years old.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Nesbitt Is Mother to One Child

Nesbitt, a mother of one, made her first appearance in court on September 18 where she pleaded not guilty to multiple prostitution charges. The Associated Press reports that Nesbitt’s lawyer, Barry Sheppard, told Judge Maria Valdez that his client’s business was a legal sexual fetish operation. Nesbitt was released from custody on a bond of $250,000. Judge Valdez told Nesbitt that she would be “jailed if she did any sex work,” the AP reported. The judge added that Nesbitt should “find a different line of work” and should not engage in “activities of a prurient nature,” at least until her case comes to trial. Nesbitt will appear in court again on October 15.

The federal indictment says that Kink Extraordinaires also operated under the moniker Selective Management Enterprises. Public records show that Selective Management Enterprises also operates as Selective Motivational Enterprises out of the same address that Kink Extraordinaires allegedly operated out of. Those records show that Selective Motivational Enterprises has one listed staff member, Jessica Nesbitt.

2. The Staff at Kink Extraordinaires Are Described as ‘Beautiful, Psychologically Sophisticated Kinksters’

Kinks Extraordinaires Chicago

Kinks Extraordinaires

According to the Kink Extraordinaires’ website, the business is located “10 minutes northwest of downtown Chicago.” The federal indictment gives Nesbitt’s business location as being at 2452 West Augusta Boulevard in Chicago. The website describes the location as being a “private 5-floor Dungeon with fully equipped themed rooms.” The staff at the business are described as “beautiful, psychologically sophisticated Kinksters.” A blurb goes on to say, “Kink Extraordinaires is the premier Dungeon of Chicago. We are the cleanest, most professional well equipped and accommodating team of ladies.”

3. Rooms at the Kink Extraordinaires Building Include the ‘Sissy Room’ & the ‘Classroom’

Jessica Nesbitt indictment

Department of Justice

The Kink Extraordinaires premises is broken down into themed rooms such as the “Classroom,” “Sissy Room,” “The Roof” as well as a “Man Cave,” a room that comes with a “complimentary scotch.”

The “Sissy Room,” features “a pink and purple room fit for the s****y princess. Furnished with a queen bed, vanity, sex swing, stripper pole, and a walk-in closet with lingerie and full transformation accessories,” according to a Kink Extraordinaires ad.

4. A Kink Extraordinaires Job Advertisement Says to Contact Madame Priscilla Belle if Interested

The federal indictment says that Nesbitt was advertising her business on websites known for advertising sex services, such as, Backpage and Gentleman’s Pages. The feds say that Nesbitt emailed invitations to clients to parties that were titled, “Halloween Mischief” and a “Black Tie Bizarre.” A Twitter account for the business has a bio that reads, “We specialize in BDSM, dom/sub, fetishes, role-play, forced interactions, taboo exploration & feminization.” The account has one tweet.

The Kink Extraordinaires website is “under construction,” according to a banner that greets users. The website is copyrighted to Priscilla Belle. An advertisement for Kink Extraordinaires mentions, “We are hiring! Call Madame Priscilla Bell to discuss the position and arrange an interview.”

5. Nesbitt Could Face Up to 20 Years in Prison

kink extraordinaires


A press release from the Department of Justice says that Nesbitt could face up to 20 years in prison if found guilty on all charges. The indictment accuses Nesbitt of depositing amounts under $10,000, “in order to evade currency transaction reporting requirements.”

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