Britainy Beshear, Andy Beshear’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Britainy Beshear

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Andy Beshear, attorney general of Kentucky, is challenging Republican incumbent Republican Governor Matt Bevin in the Kentucky governor’s election. He’s married to Britainy Beshear, who’s been right by his side as he’s campaigned for governor.

Andy Beshear is projected to win the election, according to Decision Desk, NBC, and the Cook Political Report. But Gov. Matt Bevin has not yet conceded. With 100 percent of the precincts reporting, Politico has projected Beshear as winning 49.2 percent to Bevin’s 48.8 percent (709,345 votes to 704,012.)

Here’s what you need to know about Britainy Beshear, Andy Beshear’s wife.

1. Andy & Britainy Are Both Deacons in Their Church

Andy Beshear speaks to supporters after voting results showed the Democrat holding a slim lead over Gov. Matt Bevin at C2 Event Venue on November 5, 2019.

According to his attorney general bio, Andy and Britainy Beshear attend Beargrass Christian, a Disciples of Christ church. They are both deacons at the church.

They cast their votes together as a family, with their children in attendance, during the November election. You can see a photo of that moment in the Facebook post above. Andy wrote: “A year and a half after we first began this journey, Britainy and I just cast our votes. The polls are open today until 6 pm.”

2. Britainy Beshear Serves on the Maryhurst Board & Founded Hope Gallery During Child Abuse Prevention Month in 2016

Britainy serves on the Maryhurst board. In 2016, she founded Hope Gallery during Child Abuse Prevention Month. Maryhurst is a counseling program that works with families to help protect children’s safety in a state with the highest child abuse rate. They also have a residential program for girls with a history of trauma, so they can heal. They offer foster care and transitional living services.

Britainy Beshear founded Hope Gallery to raise awareness of child abuse problems in Kentucky and to educate the public about art therapy, Volunteers for America reported.

She said: “It is my hope that the gallery helps each artist to have a feeling of pride in knowing that their voice is heard each and every day. I appreciate the staff, volunteers and parents with Volunteers of America Mid-States who have helped these children find healing and self-expression through the Hope Gallery.”

The exhibit in 2016 featured work from 16 of 50 children who were living in the Louisville Family Housing Services.

3. Britainy & Andy Beshear Have 2 Young Children

Andy and Britainy Beshear have two young children: Will and Lila. The entire family volunteers with Family Scholar House, according to his attorney general bio.

In September, Andy wrote on Twitter: “My dad raised me with values of faith, family, and giving back. I’m proud to be his son. And as Britainy and I raise Will and Lila, we’ve always looked to his example. Happy birthday, Dad!” 

In a post on Twitter, Beshear wrote: “When I look across my kitchen table, I see the people who I love most in this world – Britainy, Lila, and Will. Three out of four of us have a pre-existing condition, just like thousands of folks across KY. Health care is personal to me.” 

Their son, Will, plays baseball on the Sun Devils team.

4. They Celebrated Their 13th Wedding Anniversary This Year


In a Facebook post, Andy Beshear shared that he and Britainy celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary this year and they got engaged on May 13. He wrote: “Britainy and I got engaged on May 13th, and today is our 13th wedding anniversary. There’s definitely no such thing as unlucky 13 with her in my life.”

5. He Thanked His Wife on Twitter After His October Debate & Once Called Her ‘The Best Debate Date I Could Ever Ask For’

Andy often posts about his wife on social media.

After his debate on October 15 he wrote: “Thank you to all of our amazing supporters at tonight’s debate, especially my wife Britainy. She’s my rock and I love her.”

In April he had a similar heartwarming message to share after a debate.

He wrote: “Just walked off the stage from the #HeyKYdebate! Loved talking about my vision for Kentucky and why we need to beat Matt Bevin in November. Also – thank you to my wonderful wife Britainy for being the best debate date I could ever ask for.”

He’s written many posts thanking his wife and talking about how wonderful she is.