Saugus Shooting Video: Tragedy at the High School

saugus shooting video

Getty Saugus shooting video shows the aftermath of the mass shooting.

Videos show the chaos and massive law enforcement response to the scene at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, California, where a mass shooter (named as Nathaniel Berhow) killed at least two teenagers and injured others. You can see some of those videos throughout this article.

There were conflicting reports that a third student died but the sheriff now says only two died. Three other students are in stable condition and the suspect is in grave condition.

Authorities rushed to the scene and found multiple victims in the school. At first, authorities thought the suspect was one of the victims, and he was taken to the hospital with what later turned out to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, they revealed in a news conference. The victims have not yet been named.

Horrifically, surveillance video from inside the high school also captured the suspect shooting other students and himself, authorities revealed in the news conference. That video has not been released and is not in this article. Berhow, named as the active shooter, was a student at the school, authorities said. It was his 16th birthday on November 14, 2019, the day of the mass shooting.

Students at Santa Clarita had recently made an instructional active shooter video.

The brother of the 16-year-old girl who died wrote on his Twitter page, “my heart is killing me right now, you are the best sister I could’ve asked for, I just know you’re my guardian angel now. I love you…”

Here’s what you need to know:

Authorities Say Video Shows the Suspect Remove a Gun From a Backpack & Shoot Students

Authorities revealed that, horrifically, the mass shooting was captured on surveillance video. They provided details of how the attack unfolded.

“Detectives have reviewed the video at the scene, which clearly shows the subject in the quad withdraw a handgun from his backpack, shoot and wound five people and then shoot himself in the head,” authorities said.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva told reporters in a news conference: “It’s a sad day in Saugus and in Los Angeles County and the nation for another tragic shooting at a school.”

He said that authorities received a call at 7:38 a.m. about a shooting at Saugus High School. Within seconds, they received multiple calls and within two minutes, authorities were at the scene.

They “encountered in the quad area of the school multiple victims with gunshot wounds.” There were six people there. Among those transported, one turned out to be the suspect, who is in the hospital in grave condition.

He’s a 16-year-old male who was a student. The school was locked down. People sheltered in place, and some were evacuated until “we established who was responsible for this tragic shooting.”

Surrounding schools in the area were also placed on lockdown.

Video surveillance and eyewitness accounts led authorities to the suspect’s name. They then executed a search warrant at his home and are investigating the motive.

They are working on reunifying students with their parents.

Authorities Say Nathaniel Berhow’s Birthday Was Today

Capt. Kent Wegener of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said authorities realized quickly that it was an active shooter situation.

The suspect used was a .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol. It had no more bullets in it, and was found at the scene.

Authorities are processing video from the high school surveillance system. They are also trying to gather cell phone video that students might have taken.

The suspect’s girlfriend and mother were with authorities.

The female victim died at 9:23 a.m. this morning. Her parents were at the hospital, authorities said.

A friend wrote on the comment thread, “My little brother was friends with her and I’m so sorry she had to leave us so early we are a mess over here. I can only imagine your pain just know that she touched the hearts of so many and my brother will never forget what a great friend she was.”

The surviving victims are 14 and 15 years of age.

Wegener said there are rumors about social media posts and videos but he didn’t have information yet on that. There were two recent threats involving Saugus High School, but both were investigated and neither had a nexus to the school shooting.

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